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The Andromeda Evolution (Andromeda #2)

The Evolution is Coming In 1967, an extraterrestrial microbe came crashing down to Earth and nearly ended the human race Accidental exposure to the particle designated The Andromeda Strain killed every resident of the town of Piedmont, Arizona, save for an elderly man and an infant boy Over the

Eight Will Fall

In a land where magic is outlawed, eight criminals led by seventeen year old Larkin are sent on a mission to kill an ancient evil that plagues their kingdom Descending into an underground realm full of unspeakable horrors, Larkin and her party must use their forbidden magic to survive what lies in

The Last Affair

Love may be blind, but obsession s a real killer.Nora Holliday is not that kind of woman Not the kind who has an illicit affair with a married man But Josh Landon is everything Nora s alcoholic husband isn t And now she and Josh are so infatuated, they can t stay away from one another.Abby

Woman on the Edge

A moment on the platform changes two lives forever But nothing is as it seems Take my baby In a split second, Morgan s life changes forever A stranger hands her a baby, then jumps in front of a train Morgan has never seen the woman before and she can t understand what would cause a person

Rage (Rogue Team International #1)

Rage is the first title in Jonathan Maberry s brand new Joe Ledger spin off series of international weird science thrillers A small island off the coast of Japan is torn apart by a bioweapon that drives everyone men, women, and children insane with murderous rage The people behind that attack want

VanOps: The Lost Power

DA VINCI CODE meets TOMB RAIDER in this award winning thriller that 1 NYT bestselling author James Rollins called, A book that defines page turner Spain 1057 During a thunderous battle, the first King of Aragon wrestles Alexander the Great s priceless Egyptian weapon from the Moors, but

Raven Lane

The truth can bring out the worst in the best of friends Esme and Benedict Werner have an idyllic life in a tight knit community until an accident in their cul de sac ends in the tragic sudden death of one of their dearest neighbors After vindicating eyewitness accounts morph into contradictory

The Accomplice

Gripping and authentic Kanon s imagination flourishes and the narrative propulsion is clear A thoroughly satisfying piece of entertainment that extends a tentacle into some serious moral reflection The New York Times Book Review The master of the genre The Washington Post Joseph Kanon

Every Stolen Breath

The Swarm is unrecognizable, untraceable, and unpredictable random attacks on the streets of Chicago by a mob of crazed teens that leaves death in its wake It s been two years since the last attack, but Lia Finch has found clues that reveal the Swarm is ready to claim a new victim Lia is the only

Active Measures (Jericho Quinn #8)

Cuba and the United States are in talks to normalize relations, something the old guard on the Communist controlled island has vowed to stop by any means necessary Zayda de la Guardia, a rogue general in the Cuban security services, has gotten his hands on a nuclear weapon left over from the Cold