Free ↠ Exile trust By Vincent H. O'Neil –

Exile trust When Freelance Insurance Investigator Frank Cole Agrees To Look Into Odd Doings Involving A Safe Deposit Box At A Bank In Exile, Florida And The Deceased Couple To Whom It Belongs, He Discovers That The Dead Woman Was Not Only Hated But Probably Involved In Panhandle Land Corruption.

Free ↠ Exile trust  By Vincent H. O'Neil –
  • 250 pages
  • Exile trust
  • Vincent H. O'Neil
  • 16 May 2019
  • 9780373266975

    10 thoughts on “Free ↠ Exile trust By Vincent H. O'Neil –

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    This book made me think I wonder if I could of figured any of the information out.from finding a safety deposit box ownerto solving a murder from 20 years before It all comes together when Frank Cole and his pals figure out the clues and ask the right questions The Author, Vincent O Neil makes you think and lets you figure out some of the mystery from the clues dropped throughout the story He may have a few twists up his sleevebut for the most part I appreciate a mystery that gives me an opportunity to come to the same conclusion as the person who solves the mystery in the story Agatha Christie sometimes made me upset when her mystery was explainedsome of the facts or way ...

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    Yay More adorable Frank Cole My favorite part of this one was the surprise Encyclopedia Brown style ending anyone else a former Encyclopedia fan Another one from my mom

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    O Neil has continued his classic murder mystery in Exile, Florida O Neil is a master story teller, and has further developed a very interesting character Frank Cole The story will pull you in and forced me to read in one sitting fortunately I have a long plane flight and was able to read without loosing sleep Also has an extra hour due to daylight savings t...

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    This was my Skype book club s book for April I m looking forward to our discussion of it This series is fun to read It makes you think, but doesn t make you feel stupid, if that makes any sense The characters are interesting and I look forward to reading in this series.

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    This series just keeps getting better and better These books are good to suggest to readers of cozy mysteries they re not peopled with little old ladies running yarn shops and tripping over dead bodies, but they have good characters, thought out plots, and the gore is very minimal.

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    Nive mystery just didn t feel like a resolution at the end.

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    This was a page turner The plot was well thought out, with a few interesting twists I wanted to keep reading and am looking forward to reading the other books in the series.

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    Frank Cole may be down on his luck as far as work is concerned but he gets a big bite when offered the bank security box case to investigate.He gets help along the way from a few people in unexpected ways.In the end then one mystery gets solved and life as we say goes on.

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    I debated between a 2 3 rating on this one, and decided it was just okay Definitely did not inspire me to read others in the series I thought some of the events were a stretch.

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