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The Vanson Curse THERE S A CURSE ON THE VANSONS ALL LOVE IS DOOMED Chains, Crippling Work And Torture Make Life A Living Hell For Slaves On The Vanson S Alabama Cotton Plantation When His Wife Is Brutally Raped By The Master, An Enslaved Shaman Strikes Back In The One Way He Knows By Calling On Centuries Of African Tribal Sorcery To Curse The Vanson Men To Disaster In Love And The Family To Extinction Kit Vanson Sickened By His Father S And Then By His Brother S Evil Abuse Of Their Helpless Field Hands Flees Back Home To His Roots On His Late Grandfather S Sleepy Cornish Farm To Find Peace Of Mind But He Carries With Him A Burden Of Crushing Guilt And When He Tries To Atone For The Family Sins By Coming To The Rescue In A Merciless Vendetta Against Beautiful Neighbour, Wenna Lanyon, He Discovers That The Vanson Curse Has Followed Him Across The Ocean David Hough Recreates The Cruelties And Injustices, The Dark Superstitions And Stark Realities Of The First Half Of The 19th Century On Both Sides Of The Atlantic The Vanson Curse Is A Vividly Told Story Of Violence And Tenderness, Love And Hate.

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