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History of Art This Historic Book May Have Numerous Typos And Missing Text Purchasers Can Download A Free Scanned Copy Of The Original Book Without Typos From The Publisher Not Indexed Not Illustrated 1921 Excerpt In Gold, Under The Agora Of Mycenae, And Is The Hissalrik Of The Dardanelles The Troy Of Homer What Matter Between Abraham And Moses, In The Time When Thebes Dominated Egypt, The Egean Sea Was Alive The Phoenicians Had Advanced From Island To Island, Awakening To The Life Of Exchange The Tribes Of Fishermen Who Peopled The Cyclades, Samos, Le.sbos, Chios, Rhodes The Rocks Sprinkled Broadcast In The Sparkling Sea From The Moun Crete Xiv Century B.C Jar National Museum Of Athens Tains Of Crete And Of The Peloponnesus To The Gulfs Of Asia Minor Through Them The Sensual And Cruel Spirit Of The Orient And The Secret Spirit Of The Peoples Of The Nile Had Fertilized The Waves Danaos Came From Egypt, Pelops From Asia, Cadmus From Phoenicia 1 Victor Berard, T.es Phcniciens Cl FOdymfr From Fishing, Coast Trade, The Small Business Of One Isle With Another, From Rapine And Piracy, A Whole Little Moving World Of Sailors, Merchants, And Corsairs Lived Their Healthy Life, Neither A Rich Nor A Poor One A Mean One If We Think Of The Vast Commercial Enterprises And The Great Explorations Which The Phoenicians Undertook Their Feet In The Water And Their Faces To The Wind, The Men Of The Egean Would Carry To The Traffickers From Tyre And Sidon Who Had Just Entered The Port, Under Blue, Green, And Red Sails, Their Fish And Their Olives In Vases Painted With Marine Plants, Octopuses, Seaweed, And Other Forms Taken From The Teeming, Viscous Life Of The Deep It Needed Centuries, Doubtless, For The Tribes Of A Single Island Or A Single Coast To Recognize A Chief, To Consent To Follow Him Afar On Cunning And Bloody Expeditions To The Cities Of The Continent, Whence They Brought, Back Jewels, Golden Vessels, Rich Stuffs, And Women And It Was Only Then That The Ac

!!> Download ➾ History of Art  ➼ Author Élie Faure – Loanexpress.us
  • Paperback
  • 58 pages
  • History of Art
  • Élie Faure
  • English
  • 08 July 2019
  • 9781152297203

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    It was three Pocket books I was at high school I had spent all my money But I wanted to have this books Then, I stole them It was easy in this time.I love books Nothing is beautiful except women than book Even damages, even old, a book remains beautiful.Elie Faure had an encyclipedic pro...

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    I don t know why the english versions of this book aren t listed, but I did read it in English, not French sorry Prof Winston It s huge though the library copy I got was volume two, and even that is 2 separate 500 page books bound together I ll read volume one when the wait list gets to me Faure is probably the most enthusiastic art historian I ve ever read Even if you don t know the works he s writing about, and even if you aren t thinking about them as you read, his language is a fucking avalanche of embodied emotion I only started reading him b c I love the passage that Jean Paul Belmondo reads to his daughter at the beginning of Pierrot le Fou , but that is just the beginning Faure makes language tremble with vitality, and you can almost hear his pen shaking like Artaud s as he writes he was just able to channel his energies a bit better, but his spirit is quite similar and that s even in translation examples Wheras every living spirt, worthy of domination and strength, struggles unceasingly to individualize himself, to separate himself from the world he Rembrandt accepts it wholly The world merges with his being to such a degree, all external movements...

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    Read the last volume, The Spirit of the Forms, translated by Walter Pach 1937 printing with first owner s name written inside and year 37 bought from Christ, if only today s art critics could write like this dude.

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    I have two hardcover volumes of this in English vol 1 Ancient Art and vol 2 Medieval Art Beautiful images and brilliant writing Came upon them when it was referenced by Henry Miller in one of his books as some of the best writing he d ever read Totally agree.

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