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The Legend of Sigurd & GudrúnThe World First Publication Of A Previously Unknown Work By J.R.R Tolkien, Which Tells The Epic Story Of The Norse Hero, Sigurd, The Dragon Slayer, The Revenge Of His Wife, Gudrun, And The Fall Of The Nibelungs Many Years Ago, J.R.R Tolkien Composed His Own Version, Now Published For The First Time, Of The Great Legend Of Northern Antiquity, In Two Closely Related Poems To Which He Gave The Titles The New Lay Of The Volsungs And The New Lay Of Gudrun In The Lay Of The Volsungs Is Told The Ancestry Of The Great Hero Sigurd, The Slayer Of Fafnir Most Celebrated Of Dragons, Whose Treasure He Took For His Own Of His Awakening Of The Valkyrie Brynhild Who Slept Surrounded By A Wall Of Fire, And Of Their Betrothal And Of His Coming To The Court Of The Great Princes Who Were Named The Niflungs Or Nibelungs , With Whom He Entered Into Blood Brotherhood In That Court There Sprang Great Love But Also Great Hate, Brought About By The Power Of The Enchantress, Mother Of The Niflungs, Skilled In The Arts Of Magic, Of Shape Changing And Potions Of Forgetfulness In Scenes Of Dramatic Intensity, Of Confusion Of Identity, Thwarted Passion, Jealousy And Bitter Strife, The Tragedy Of Sigurd And Brynhild, Of Gunnar The Niflung And Gudrun His Sister, Mounts To Its End In The Murder Of Sigurd At The Hands Of His Blood Brothers, The Suicide Of Brynhild, And The Despair Of Gudrun In The Lay Of Gudrun Her Fate After The Death Of Sigurd Is Told, Her Marriage Against Her Will To The Mighty Atli, Ruler Of The Huns The Attila Of History , His Murder Of Her Brothers The Niflung Lords, And Her Hideous Revenge Deriving His Version Primarily From His Close Study Of The Ancient Poetry Of Norway And Iceland Known As The Poetic Edda And Where No Old Poetry Exists, From The Later Prose Work The Volsunga Saga , J.R.R Tolkien Employed A Verse Form Of Short Stanzas Whose Lines Embody In English The Exacting Alliterative Rhythms And The Concentrated Energy Of The Poems Of The Edda Christopher Tolkien

➺ The Legend of Sigurd & Gudrún Free ➰ Author J.R.R. Tolkien – Loanexpress.us
  • Hardcover
  • 377 pages
  • The Legend of Sigurd & Gudrún
  • J.R.R. Tolkien
  • English
  • 03 June 2018
  • 9780007317233

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    The Legend of Sigurd and Gudrun showcases two fantastic epic poems infused with tragedy and blood They are both powerful and full of gut wrenching sorrow These are Tolkien s versions of the legends written with his own masterful penmanship and attention to detail He has translated ancient poetry into English, making it feel modern and slick yet, he captures all the history and lore that come with such historical tales It s a real feat of writing Of all of Tolkien s poetical works, I think this is the most accomplished because of how polished it is There are so many poems he started and never finished This one is the real deal, grand and shining like the scales of F fnir I loved the way Tolkien described the battle between dragon and man, between hero and beast, as their rivalry dominated a large section of the poem Black flowed the blood,belching drenched him in the hollow hidinghard grew Sigurd.Swift now sprang hesword withdrawingthere each saw each otherwith eyes of hate The full section was so intense It s obvious how it was all going to end, but nevertheless the action was crafted expertly to captur...

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    When I was seven years old, I went with my mother to her eye appointment While we were waiting for her to be called, she started reading The Fellowship of the Ring to me We got two chapters in before the appointment Afterwards, she couldn t read because of the eye drops, so I got tired of waiting and started to read it myself This explains my absolute love for Tolkien, among other things It also explains my love for Norse mythology at a young age, even though I didn t know the connection at the time.For me, The Lord of the Rings is one of those books that I will always be re reading, maybe not every year, but every year and a half It is in many ways like Star Wars for me Star Wars was the first movie I can ever remember going to a theater to see It was a drive in and I fell asleep during the Three Stooges pre show, and woke up right after they left Tattotine It s strange It s the first movie I remember seeing in a theater, but that wasn t the first time I saw it.There are major differences The World of Middle Earth is far better drafted and real than the world of Star Wars It is hard to imagine Tolkien making a mistake like having Padme die but Leia remembering her real mother, or having such a weakly thought out group as the Jedi Really, why can t they get married when they get married in some of earlier comic books It is impossible to even think that Tolkien would make such a mistake as in Reve...

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    A story about love, betrayal, death sorrow Written in verse in two parts The Lay Of Sigurd and The Lay Of Gudrun The lays written by J.R.R Tolkien and after each Lay a commentary from his son Christopher Tolkien Written similar to a psychology paper, explaining each stanza and referencing where it came from Tolkien based most of his work off ...

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    A strong 4 stars.I was on the mission to collect all of Tolkien s works and try to read as many as possible in March It wasn t very successful as March was my busiest month but I managed to finish five books Yay My expectations were very neutral before reading My only experience with epic poetry was Robert Fitzgerald s The Iliad, which I hoped to enjoy but was disappointed with a truckload of names that ran on for several pages But I knew the legend fairly well already so I didn t beat myself up too much for not finishing it.These two epic poems, based on ancient Norse legend, however, were extremely intense and remarkable Tolkien painstakingly captured a saga of heroism, madness, and tragedy in his English translation.His son s notes and commentary attest to how well read his father was and how much of his famous work was driven by ancient myths Astounding effort.The flow of these two epic poems delighted me It was easy to read one line after another and there was a rhythm going that I could only imagine was tricky to maintain for such plot driven poetry Poetry, for some, can be dull and too obscure to enjoy for a light read, but these were excellent It was a fast but well paced story anybody could read Of course, for those who want to compare Tolkien s translation to the work of Snorri Sturluson, the Icelandic poet that wrote the Prose Edda, t...

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    BOOK REVIEWIn Legend poems, Tolkien the storytellerBy Ethan Gilsdorf, Boston Globe Correspondent September 4, 2009J.R.R Tolkien is best known as the author of fantasy tales like The Hobbit and The Lord of the Rings But some may not know that he was an academic first and writer second The reclusive British scholar, lexicographer, and Oxford don was, in a way, the original geek He specialized in the rather arcane field of philology the history of languages , and pored over Anglo Saxon and Old Norse texts To Tolkien 1892 1973 , Icelandic sagas and 1,000 year old poems like Beowulf were the finest stuff ever written He didn t even read contemporary fiction.Tolkien hung out with other medievalists in Oxford pubs, where they drank ale, smoked pipes, and made up stories by firelight While most authors of the early 20th century were busy smashing Victorian conventions and reassembling the pieces into irony laden modernism, Tolkien was penning stories and poems about domineering dragons and world weary wizards.Since he was inclined to tinker rather than finish many of his projects, reams of uncompleted drafts remain, like treasures to unearth Gradually, his son and literary ex...

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    Pure Tolkien classic Excellent example of Tom Shippey s idea of writing into the gap

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    One of the best known heroes in Norse mythology, Sigurd is better known as Siegfried from German versions of the legends, and his exploits and interactions from killing a dragon and re forging a mighty sword, say, to his relationships with his wife Gudr n, with warrior princess Brynhild and with a host of other personages characterise him as much as they echo the exploits and interactions of other heroes in other times and cultures Here Tolkien attempts a harmonisation of the various early tales, particularly those in the Poetic Edda, and versifies them in English as The New Lay of the V lsungs in ten parts and The New Lay of Gudr n , using forms and alliteration modelled on those early originals.This posthumous publication ought by rights to appeal to a wide range of readers, from hobbit fanciers to Wagnerites, from poets to psychologists, and from medieval literature specialists to mythologists, but I suspect it will end up satisfying only those whose interests overlap a number of these categories for any single one of those categories of readers it may well end up a disappointment Many fantasy fans may well come with false expectations of Middle Earth action or a tale compatible with the Ring Cycle or they may vainly hope for than just a pastiche of medieval poetry, however erudite, or a deeper psychological study of the motivations of the main characters and knowledgeable scholars may like to be told than they already know from Christopher Tolkien s...

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    It is with a feeling of disquiet that I write anything bad about John Ronald Rouel Tolkien After all, in The Hobbit and The Lord of the Rings he has given me and millions of others reading pleasure to last a lifetime These two alone would be enough to mark him as one of the greats, and when you add in Smith of wootton Major , Farmer Giles of Ham a genuinely funny work , and Leaf by Niggle I can t help putting him in that rare pantheon of the real, true greats.However, The Legend of Sigurd and Gudrun is, one has to say, one of his less approachable works It should not be forgotten that Tolkien was an Oxford don than he was a professional writer, and this translation of a long, turgid Norse saga is a scholarly work, that if it didn t have JRRT s name on the cover would probably only be read by a few intellectuals However, the capitalist society being what it is, it comes as no surprise to me that it s out there on the bookshelves with the best sellers But frankly, anyone who buys this on the strength of his better known works is due for a massive cold draft of disappointment The Norse mythology unlike most other religions such as Christianity, which holds that good will eventually triumph over evil is a dark one, holding that eventually, at a time called Ragnarok, the...

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    Reading the Legend of Sigurd and Gudrun, one starts to get a feel for where Tolkien was coming from when he wrote the Lord of the Rings Told in the style of a very old English epic poem, Tolkien has rewritten the ancient Norse Classics from the Elder Edda into two distinct stories, the Lay of the Volsungs and the Lay of Gudrun.Many of the characters are easily recognizable by those possessing some familiarity with general Norse mythology or anyone why has played Age of Mythology recently Loki, Odin, Brynhild the valkyries and of course the shining hall of Valholl better known as Valhalla Yet while on the surface, both lays the technical term for this style of poem deal with epic battles and tragic, honourable ends to noble heroes, I came away with the distinct impression that it was the women Gudrun and Brynhild especially who really decide the course of fate at least once they are jaded.I was surprised to find the poetic storytelling much readable than I had initially anticipated There is a rhythm and flavour to the prose that carries you along, even when you don t fully understand all the references you still keep reading just to know what happens That is one thing consistent with Lord o...

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    As soon as I found this hardbound edition in the bookstore, I snapped it up This 350 page book contains J.R.R Tolkien s interpretation of the two ancient epic poems from the Poetic Edda of the Icelandic peoples Tolkien s son, Christopher has compiled and edited his father s work on the Lay of the Volsungs and the Lay of Gudrun This is earthy and spare poetry rich in story and tradition and provides a tangible connection to our ancestors and their mythology than a thousand years ago This is a book to read, re read, and study and, I have to say, it somehow feels canonical, as Beowulf is considered to be Christopher Tolkien s notes and comments on his fath...

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