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Queen of the flat-tops: The U.S.S. Lexington and the Coral Sea battleThis Is The Incredible Story Of A Historic Battle And A Gallant Ship, The Aircraft Carrier U.S.S Lexington She Lived As Gloriously As She Fell, Her Memory Gave All Who Remembered Pearl Harbor And Saw Her Noble End The Strength To Carry On The Defense Of The United States Of America At The Height Of The Attack Against The Lex On May 8, 1942, The Carrier S Batteries Filled The Sky With Bursts Of Antiaircraft Fire, Fighting Off The Combined Attack Of Dive Bombers And Torpedo Planes The Decks Were Filled With The Cries Of The Wounded And The Dying Those Who Took Part Will Never Forget The Legendary Exploits Of The Valiant And Daring Men Of The U.S Navy Who Participated In The Hazardous And Crucial Battle Of The Coral Sea.

<EPUB> ✶ Queen of the flat-tops: The U.S.S. Lexington and the Coral Sea battle Author Stanley Johnston – Loanexpress.us
  • Paperback
  • 234 pages
  • Queen of the flat-tops: The U.S.S. Lexington and the Coral Sea battle
  • Stanley Johnston
  • English
  • 04 December 2017
  • 9780553126716

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    The U.S.S Lexington aka the Lady Lex was one of the earliest aircraft carriers Originally designed as a battlecruiser, it entered service with the U.S Navy in 1925 and helped to usher in a new type of naval warfare Here in QUEEN OF THE FLAT TOPS , Stanley Johnston, a journalist who was assigned to the Lexington in the earliest days of World War II in the Pacific, shares with the reader his experiences aboard her based in large part on what he observed, as well as on interviews he had with various members of the crew officers, pilots, and enlisted men from the time the Lady Lex left Pearl Harbor to its final days in May 1942 during the Battle of the Coral Sea This battle was in unique in that it was the first naval battle in history in which the opposing ships never fired on each other, whose outcome was wholly dependent on the weight and might of air power Ori...

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    This is the story of the USS Lexington s action during the Battle of the Coral Sea Because it was published in the immediate aftermath of the battle, there were certain restrictions placed on its content For example, almost no other US ships in the engagement are mentioned by name The other aircraft carrier, the USS Yorktown, is only ever referred to as Carrier II Other subsequent descriptions of the battle are undoubtedly accurate as to the details of the battle For example, as is typical in combat, claimed victories tend to be overstated Two pilots may each claim the same kill, for instance Near the end of the book, the author states that US forces inflicted twice the damage that they received Although considered a strategic victory for the US, tactically the Battle of the Coral Sea was a minor victory for Japanese forces There are also a few other errors, none of which I found particularly bothersome Planes from the Lex sank the Japanese carrier Shoho, which is identified here as the Ryukaku likely a mis translation.The author was an Australian American war correspondent Although h...

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    This book is the first person account of a man s experience onboard the USS Lexington during the early days of World War II in the Pacific There is plenty of detail of life aboard ship and descriptions of the US Navy s first attempts to strike back at the Empire of Japan following Pearl Harbor, including several smaller actions in the Solomon Islands and New Guinea The Fighting Lady came to her end during the Battle of Coral Sea, but she gave a severe thrashing to the numerically superior forces around her first This is a great story, even if told in a somewhat dated manner Several passages stood out to me, including this quote from an aviator taking part in the action around the Japanese occupied town of Salamua The romantic writers who spent years misinforming us by telling of Japanese immunity to fear and of the universal Japanese desire to be killed fighting for their emperor, should have seen the interest those Japs...

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    I am lucky enough to own a first edition This is an amazing book embedded journalists are nothing new Stanley Johnston brings the U.S.S Lexington to life really makes it personal, you know and feel for the crew as they battle across the Atlantic This is the first histori...

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    Good History and good anecdotes with a personnel touch.

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    it s not about brief history, but author s very own experience board the ship during the event.Precious records, and an nice book to read.

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    A contemporary account of life on a carrier It covers episodes such as the crossing of the Line the Equator and the initiation of those that hadn t done it before, raids on Japanese outposts, and finally the Battle of the Coral Sea.The reader should be aware that this book is at least partly propaganda but it feels like good natured propaganda The US was in need of some good news, and here they are in book format It s clear that the author emphasises all the good points in the US Navy and skims over relatively quickly the sadder parts of the story, such as the casualties.All in all it was an extremely good and interesting read, full of little interesting technical details Th...

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    An eyewitness account of the wartime life of the first USS Lexington CV 2 through her sinking in the Battle of the Coral Sea Stanley Johnston was a journalist embedded within the crew and provides a running narrative based on his own personal observations as well as interviews with various crewmembers An interesting read as it brings to life many details of life aboard a wartime carrier that one misses with most writings This book should be read by som...

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    I read this book a very long time ago long enough that I seem to recall some sticker shock when I shelled out the 1.25 cover price , but I still remember the impression it made on me It was one of the first eye witness accounts of a WWII battle I had ...

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    An excellently written, first person, eyewitness account of the Battle of the Coral Sea The USS Lexington, at the time one of our two largest aircraft carriers, and her crews, fought a fine, heroic battle against a larger Japanese fleet and ca...

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