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Pompeii at Dusk (Fresco Nights saga Book 2) HOW MANY SECRETS WILL THEY KEEP FROM HER BEFORE SHE LEARNS THE TRUTH In The Quaint Italian Hilltop Village Of Bagnoregio No One Speaks Of The Recent Plane Crash Into The Cliffside Where Billionaire Archaeologist Luke Trevanian S Former Wife And Her Valuable Cargo Go Missing.The Bad News Comes In The Middle Of A Fancy Museum Gala In Naples Guest Speaker Arianna Chase Is Reported Missing In A Plane Crash Near A Small Italian Village The Victim Is Not Only Heroine Lucy Racine S Boss But Also Luke S Ex Wife Luke Insists That Arianna Is Still Alive Now He Is Hell Bent On Rescuing Her Is He Still In Love With Her Her Suspicious Behaviour Points Lucy To A Smuggling Racket That Trades Antiquities For Guns An Underground Network Running From Syria To Pompeii Leads Straight To Luke S Ex Wife Confronted With The Truth About Arianna S Shadowy Activities, Lucy Turns To Norman He Is The Only Person She Trusts, And The Man She Secretly Loves In This Second Instalment Of The Fresco Nights Saga Lucy S Life Is About To Change When She Uncovers A Terrorist Plot With Roots Deep In T He Middle East.

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    I liked the story behind the scene, the history But I rated the book a two star because of the interaction of the three main characters The billionaire, Luke, the bodyguard, Norman and the artifact illustrator, Lucy The scene that turned me off to this series happened in the first book Luke had sex with Lucy and called Norman into the room just as he got off of Lucy Norman saw Lucy naked Luke said he did it because Norman wanted her When Lucy didn t end the affair after th...

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    Goodreads Kindle Copy WinA suspenseful read which features a billionaire archeologist whose ex wife disappears on a plane crash before she was to be a guest speaker at a museum gala Our heroine Lucy is face with a dilemma as the missing woman is not only her boss but the billionaire ex wife who believes that she is still alive.Lucy turns to the only man she can trust and secretly loves Norman, as she discovers t...

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    Pompeii at Dusk Fresco Nights Saga Book 2 is by Deborah L Cannon This is a suspense that takes place in Naples and Pompeii It is fun to read and the characters are very realistic The action never stops Luke Trevanian is a billionaire archeologist He is getting an award at a gala in Naples and is accompanied by his friend and lover, Lucy Racine Lucy was an illustrator for a museum in Canada She would draw the illustrations the others wanted The latest was to draw the head of Medusa or the Gorgon s head This head was only one of three from a classical stature formed by three figures The gorgon evidently was in actuality three sisters If they could get this piece of antiquity back to the museum, it would answer an age old question The person bringing ...

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