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Disorder The Target Of Both Stalkers And Killers, A Top Fashion Model With A Rare Disease Sets Out To Learn How Her Pioneering Scientist Father Died, Only To Find Herself In The Middle Of A Vicious Conspiracy.Cat Is A Hot Multimillionaire Supermodel But Her Life Is Far From Perfect She Suffers From A Chronic Brain Disorder And She Is Being Stalked By A Figure In A Raincoat Who Is He Or It In Connection With The Bizarre Death Of The Founder Of A Groundbreaking Biotechnology Institute, Cat Is Pulled Into A Sinister Corporate Plot With A Global Backwash.

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    Just couldn t get into it This is a very busy book Not one to give up on a book, I kept reading it just to see where it went I admit that there were some areas that were confusing to me and I skipped over them I thought it was in poor taste that it was constantly brought up how gorgeous the model Cat was I mean it was all ...

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    This book is not my typical read I really loved the thriller mystery part of the book Then it turned into a kind of sci fi thriller Normally I don t think I would read a sci fi book, but the writing and storytelling was really good I really wanted to kno...

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    I m sorry to say when I Started reading this book I thought it might be quite interesting Got into the storyline I felt that it was choppy and the main character was quite stupid I felt it was totally unbelievable actual picture of rambled on I m sorry I did not care for it

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    Didn t connect with this book at all I gave it a good try, it just didn t work for me.

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