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Invisible as Air A Provocative And Timely New Novel By The Author Of Inheriting Edith, One That Will Haunt You Long After The Final Page Is Turned Sylvie Snow Knows The Pressures Of Expectations A Woman Is Supposed To Work Hard, But Never Be Tired Age Gracefully, But Always Be Beautiful Fix The Family Problems, But Always Be Carefree Sylvie Does The Grocery Shopping, The Laundry, The Scheduling, The Schlepping And The PTA Ing, While Planning Her Son S Bar Mitzvah And Cheerfully Tending Her Husband, Paul, Who S Been Lying On The Sofa With A Broken Ankle She S Also Secretly Addicted To The Oxycontin Intended For Her Husband.For Three Years, Sylvie Has Repressed Her Grief About The Heartbreaking Stillbirth Of Her Newborn Daughter, Delilah On The Morning Of The Anniversary Of Her Death, When She Just Can T Face Doing One Thing She Takes One Just One Of Her Husband S Discarded Pain Pills And Suddenly She Feels Patient, Kinder, And Miraculously Relaxed She Tells Herself That The Pills Are Temporary, Just A Gift, And That When The Supply Runs Out She Ll Go Back To Her Regularly Scheduled Programming.But Days Turn Into Weeks, And Sylvie Slips Slowly Into A Nightmare At First, Paul And Teddy Are Completely Unaware, But This Changes Quickly As Her Desperate Choices Reveal Her Desperate State As The Bar Mitzvah Nears, All Three Of Them Must Face The Void Within Themselves, Both Alone And Together.

✼ Invisible as Air  Epub ✿ Author Zoe Fishman – Loanexpress.us
  • Paperback
  • 416 pages
  • Invisible as Air
  • Zoe Fishman
  • 11 October 2018
  • 9780062838230

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    I won this book in a Goodreads giveaway, and in full disclosure, I had not read any previous works by Zoe Fishman, so I had no idea what to expect The premise sounded intriguing, albeit a bit trite a suburban housewife, Sylvie, who had repressed grief over the stillbirth of her daughter three years ago On the morning of the anniversary of her daughter s death, when everything in her life seemed overwhelming, including her husband s broken ankle and her 12 year old son s preteen behavior, she takes just one of her husband s discarded pain pills Almost instantly, she feels relaxed and is a patient, kinder Sylvie She tells herself that the pills are temporary and that when they are gone, she ll go back to her life as she knew it however, days turn into weeks, and Sylvie slips slowly into a nightmare where her desperate choices reveal her hopeless state of mind, and she stands of the brink of losing everything dear to her I have to say that from the first chapter on, I was engrossed in Sylvie s life Her character was relatable from her irritation with her husband s broken ankle and listening to him whine, to her exasperation at having to attend PTA meetings and make nice with women she had nothing in common with it all worked The chapters are by character Sylvie, her husband, Paul, and her son, Teddy I thought all three characters were masterfully penn...

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    How easy is it to slip in addiction Very And this book does a great job of showing a family slowly dissolving under the weight of Sylvie s addiction which she s sure she s hiding well and how son Teddy and husband Paul cope with that as well as their own issue...

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    This hit all my marks family drama, addiction, parents making mistakes I don t always like books that prominently feature a kid but Teddy and Krystal were okay by me And the religion stuff was good too it made sense to me.

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    I won this novel via Goodreads Giveaways.I genuinely liked Invisible as Air It starts out with Slyvie s first pill and continues with her spiral towards rehab The story is relevant and main characters raw with their emotions I both loved and hated that Teddy had his own chapters It s so infrequent that we get to see a strong child character in adult fiction He was the glue holding his fragile parents together That stood out as so genuine, as did his internal battles on what he should keep quiet about and when to speak up But overall I did find myself hurrying through his chapters and skimming a lot of the Bar Mitzvah planning simply because I could not relate Slyvie could be anyone of us, an over worked, over stressed Mom who has hidden her demons under layers of angst and sorrow She never really grapples with emotions and takes it out on her family Until sh...

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    Thanks to LibraryThing and Wm Morrow Harper Collins for this ARC.I really liked this book about a Jewish family I have a tendency for them and how messed up their lives were after Paul and Sylvie lost their baby 3 years ago and how it affected them all Sylvie is a hot mess and she becomes very annoying as she takes Oxycodone and hides it from her family and how she begs, borrows, and steals from her husband and goes to drastic measures to get it from a cco worker and her husband s friend She was not likeable and annoying throughout the book for me She blames her addiction though she will not admit it not only on the anniversary of their baby s death but also of her son Teddy s upcoming bar mitzvah and she swears she ll stop taking it after that event It was just an excuse obviously I loved Teddy the most and how he met Krystal his girlfriend while walking to school one day when he witnessed an accident She convinces him that working at an animal shelter doing his mitzvah for his upc...

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    I have received this uncorrected proof, review copy in a giveaway This review is true and honest Okay so Sylvie She absolutely drove me up a damn wall In a good way though She was such a lovely character to follow through all of her hardship with her own issues and her family s problems I felt their pain and suffering and their love I felt so hard for Sylvie and her family that I was even crying with them There are so many things going on and it was so easy to follow each and every one The changing of perspective from Sylvie to Paul to Teddy was wonderful It was seamless and so wonderful to see everything happen from each view Personally I would have never picked up a book that had heavy mention of drug abuse and addiction in it but how it happened in Invisible As Air and how all had panned out and ended I would absolutely read an...

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    This story, Invisible As Air , by Zoe Fishman, is about a wealthy to do woman, Sylvie, with a life full of shopping, PTA meetings, wearing expensive clothes, doing laundry and planning her 12 year old sons Bar Mitzvah For the past 3 years, Sylvie has not gotten over the loss and immense grief of the stillbirth of her daughter, Delilah.On the morning of the Anniversary of her death, one she can barely stand to face one thing She decides to take a discarded oxycodone pill that had been prescribed to her husband Paul for his recent broken ankle She tells herself the pi...

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    Invisible as Air, written by Zoe Fishman is a story of how one family copes with the loss of a child and the secrets they keep that threatens to tear them apart I thought this book was okay, 3 5 stars from me The story was kind of slow for me I felt like everything happened in slow motion without major climaxes or attention grabbers I kept waiting for something to happen that would grip me and make me want to read , but it never came I did, however, love how Zoe Fishman showed the subtle progression from taking just one pain pill to becoming addicted and needing multiple in a day I thought she did a great job of portraying that addiction can happen to anyone and showing the dange...

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    Great story describes how taking just one pill turns into a horrible addiction with consequences Includes a son soon to be bar mitzvaed a husband with a credit card buying addiction, a stillborn daughter and the connection between everyone Goodreads sent it and it is a definite read to the end

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    Thanks to Goodreads for allowing me to win Invisible as Air by Zoe Fishman.I was skeptical at first about even reading the book But as it turned out, I loved it Sad story involving addiction and loss but very well written and very real.I suggest this book needs to be read and thought about.

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