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Why Stuff Matters When Jessica, A Grieving Widow, Inherits An Antique Mall From Her Mother She Also Inherits The Stallholders, An Elderly, Amoral, Acquisitive, And Paranoid Collection When One Of The Vendors, A Wily Ex Con Named Roxy, Shoots Her Ex Husband, She Calls On Jessica To Help Bury The Body And Soon Jessica Is Embroiled In Cover Ups, Lies, And Misdirection Into This Mix Comes Lizzie, Jessica S Late Husband S Twelve Year Old Daughter By His First Marriage, Who S Been Dumped On Jessica S Doorstep By The Child S Self Absorbed Mother And It Soon Becomes Apparent That Lizzie Is As Obsessed With Material Possessions As Jessica S Elderly Tenants Why Stuff Matters Is A Compelling Ode To Possession, Why People Like Things And The Curious Lengths They Will Go To Keep Them Returning To Her Fictional Caprock, Waldo Turns Her Wry Wit On The Lives Of Those Afraid To Let Go.

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    Why Stuff Matters, by Jen Waldo, is a story of grief, avarice, ageing, and the suspicious resentments that define those whose lives have amounted to little than material possessions Set in a run down mall in small town Texas, USA, its cast of characters would garner sympathy if they weren t so ornery and grasping Into this mix is thrown the protagonist, Jessica, who has inherited the mall from her mother and moved in to escape the pain of the life she had built and then lost Her moral compass has been displaced by anger and heartache.Jessica sleeps in the cavernous third floor of the mall Unlike her elderly tenants she has few possessions When the story opens a tornado is building that passes through the town leaving a trail of devastation in its wake Hard won belongings stand no chance against such a capricious force of nature.Amongst the dead is an octogenarian named Pard Kemp who had rented a booth in Jessica s mall Pard left no family and had never specified what was to become of his stock in the event of his death The remaining tenants waste no time in dividing his stuff amongst themselves They vie with eac...

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    Novel set in Texas wacky, funny, and scary plus author interview on this link Stuff Matters is the second book by Jen Waldo I very much enjoyed the first, Old Buildings in North Texas, and was looking forward to the second It did not disappoint although, for me, the subject matter a somewhat bizarre antique mall with a very odd and eclectic collection of senior citizen vendors did not work quite as well as the urbexing experiences of Old Buildings But I suspect this is very much a matter of personal taste Both are than slightly off beat, and absolutely none the worse for that..The story is that of Jessica who inherited the mall, and its occupants, on her mother s death She seeks to make a few changes which are roundly condemned by the vendors a dubious and crusty lot who don t seem to really mind whether they sell anything, or not They prefer things as they are arguing how to split a gun collection when one of them dies, or revolting when Jessica dares tell them to remove ten year old filthy carpets from their booths Many have other slightly nefarious businesses on the ...

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