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The Demoness (Dungeon Core #2) When The Universe Gives You Dark Death Magic, Create A Horde Of The Undead This Time, Mertho Will Build The Most Deadly, Forbidding Dungeon In The Land Using Unholy Death Magic And A Will To Be Victorious After An Encounter That Nearly Destroys His Core, He Is Linked To A Cursed Crypt Beneath The Abandoned Graveyard The Catacombs Are An Ideal Place To Stand Against An Army Of The Damned And All Of These Lovely Corpses Make Useful Minions Meanwhile, Veluthra, The Demoness, Is Raising An Army Of Mutated Cultists And Nightmare Creatures She Wants Just One Thing To Absorb Every Last Shred Of Mertho S Power And Use It To Bring Her True Form Into The Mortal Realm First, She Ll Have To Come And Get Him Tehra Resurrected From The Dead After Being Killed By The Demoness, But Something Is Not Quite Right Even Wild Wolves Are Afraid To Eat The Young Elf Could She Now Be The Perfect Partner To A Dark Dungeon Core They Re In This Together, Either Way The Fight Will Be Brought To The Living Dungeon Than Ever, With The Fate Of The Entire Mortal Realm Dependent Upon The Outcome.

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    Much promise, needs editorMany of the same positive points from the first book, interesting characters and a decent premise, but this book was much weaker than the first.The plot was much basic than the first book, and felt much rushed The characters felt much flatter and many of their actions would have felt out of character, except you were never able to get a firm grasp on what was IN character.Once again this book needs an editor, many instances of misused words, ...

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    Second book as good as the firstThe series so far has been really good and consistent in its entirety I hope the final book in the series continues to be as good.

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    Great follow up book Good follow up to the first book I m looking forward to reading the third book in the series and hopefully will follow

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    a pretty good read Cant understand how come the chapters are still out of order.

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    The DemonessThis the better book of the two The energy keeps the reader on the edge of their seat.Good book.

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    FunIt s a fun read and good story Some chapters were placed out of order and the book suffers from frequent homonyms and seemingly random word choices.

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