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Bad End (Good Angel #2) Archangel Michael S Death At The Hands Of Iofiel May Have Prevented Him From Forcing The Apocalypse, But It S Hardly Brought Peace The New Archangel Michael Is Relentless In His Quest For Revenge, Believing Iofiel Is Still Out There And Shirking His Duties To Prove It.Afraid Of His Connection To The Traitor, Maalik Has Fled To Hell, Also Looking For Iofiel But What He Finds Instead Is An Oddly Amicable Morningstar With Shocking Plans That Maalik May Be Unable To Stop And Archie And Salem, Abducted And Now Working As Assistants For The Devil, Struggle To Define Their Place In What Is About To Unfold.On Earth, Santiago And Damien Have Found Refuge In A Small American Town, Comfortably Leading A Coven Of Witches But When Magic Begins To Crop Up Among Ordinary Humans, Their Disguises Can Only Last So Long.And What Ever Happened To Iofiel, The Saintkiller, The Second Traitor The Apocalypse May Have Been Averted, But Something Is Clearly Going Wrong.

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    I received an ARC of this book in exchange for an honest review It took me a while to find my footing again in the universe of the GOOD ANGEL duology the first one ended with a blast, and transported a few months in the future, I had to set my brain back into remembering how everything had fallen apart It was worth it, though GOOD ANGEL s strength had been its cast of characters eminently likeable, quirky at times, profoundly human despite being mostly angels and demons, but that s kind of the point and its sort of light and ironic sense of humour, and that much hasn t changed What had thrown me off in the first book, however, is gone from this one, and I finally got my dose of demons and angels working together, with all the awkwardness and fun that brings It s hard to describe BAD END s reading experience It s kind of wonderfully unique in that sense, the plot snaking its way through characters lives as they try to make sense of it themselves, and while the flow is uneven, it feels so in an sort of purposeful, inviting way This is a story that was never meant to send you careening forward at a high pace, all breathless action and plot twists For all its world changing events, it s much gentle and mundane, much humane and hopeful, focused on its lovely cast, and I really appreciated that BAD END very much treats its queerness the same it s very present, not always ...

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    Oh man Oh man, where do I even start It s a delightful contrast to the first book Where the first one is so exciting and full of life, the second takes a soft tone Reapperances of beloved characters and how they re coping with the events of the first book, new characters with fascinating perspectives, it has it all It was a lovely journey, and the way it deals with facing the consequences of your actions is thoughtfu...

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