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The Return of the Revenge of the Storybook In This Special Two In One KINDLE EXCLUSIVE, The First Two Volumes Of Mystery Science Storybook Are Collected Into One File, Along With An Exclusive Chapter At The End Of The Book This Great Collection Contains Parodies Of Manos The Hands Of Fate, Harry Potter, Time Chasers, The Final Sacrifice, The Guy From Harlem, Cool As Ice, Hobgoblins, The Pumaman, Spider Man, Road House, This Island Earth, Casablanca, The Room, Rollergator, House On Haunted Hill, Incognito Cinema Warriors XP, Batman And Robin, Santa And The Ice Cream Bunny, The Wizard, Mary Poppins, Little Shop Of Horrors, Doctor Who, Titanic, Buffalo Rider And Star Wars The Force Awakens Mystery Science Storybook Takes Scenes From Some Of The Cheesy Films Made Famous By RiffTrax And Mystery Science Theater 3000 And Reimagines Them As Bedtime Stories It S A Graphic Novel That Puts A New Spin On Cult Classics Like Birdemic And Manos The Hands Of Fate That S Perfect For Bad Movie Fans Of All Ages RiffTrax.com Mystery Science Storybook Is Almost Certainly What Eyes And The English Language Were Invented For Buy A Copy For Your Friend Buy A Copy For Your Enemy, Who Will Then Read It, Love It, And Become Your Friend, Too I M Not Saying This Book Is The Key To World Peace, But Isn T That Too Big A Chance Not To Take Matthew J Elliott, RiffTrax Presents Before You Is A Veritable MSTie S Playground With Hilarious Merry Go Rounds That Will Hurl You Right Into Funny Town This Love Letter To All Things Riffing Is A Gift To The Movie Mockery Community At Large Rikk Wolf, Incognito Cinema Warriors XP

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    This is the latest Storybook based on the movies riffed by the guys at Rifftrax and MST3K, and it was fantastic The Santa and the Ice Cream Bunny story just about killed me, and I LOVED that the Rifftrax guys made an appearance Many important lessons were learned, such as trying to kill Vincent Price on Halloween is just about the stupidest thing a person can do in a movie, and don t f ck with Thumbelina Seriously, she...

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