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Mastering Genealogical Documentation (NGS Special Topics Series Book 122) A Guide To Learning The Principles Of Accurate And Flexible Genealogical Documentation For Your Family History Genealogical Documentation Gives Your Work Credibility Without Adequate Documentation, A Well Researched Family History Or Tree Looks Like Fiction Mastering Genealogical Documentation Teaches Genealogists How To Cite All Kinds Of Sources Clearly, Completely, And Accurately Including Sources For Which No Model Citation Exists In This New Step By Step Guidebook, Dr Thomas W Jones Presents A Fresh View On The Art Of Documentation Readers Will Learn How To Describe And Cite Their Sources With Artistry, Clarity, Conciseness, Completeness, And Competence So That Their Work Will Meet The Genealogy Field S Published Standards Mastering Genealogical Documentation Provides A Foundation In The Principles, Logic, And Decisions That Underpin Genealogical Documentation Learning Principles, Patterns, And Logic Gives Genealogists Flexibility And Choice As They Create Their Own Structured Documentation This Essential Text Offers Exercises At The End Of Each Chapter With Answers At The Back Of The Book To Reinforce Concepts And Provide Opportunities For Practice.

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    This book is about mastering genealogical SOURCE documentation This has been the most difficult aspect of genealogy for me to understand This book and evidence explained give lots of thorough examples that can help to begin to understand how to document the vast categories of sources you can encounter in doing genealogy This book like others by this author is arranged as a textbook with exercises to complete at the end of each chapter After reading a few books and the BCG standards,this topic is still difficult for me,but this book was helpful in that it gave detailed reading behind the choices for different forms of source citations As explained in the last chapter,this is probably one of the most challenging aspects of genealogy, but this book and the other references suggested in the books give a path to becoming confident and competent in making documentation choices The goal is to get to the point where the best choi...

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    This is an excellent supplement to Evidence Explained by Elizabeth Shown Mills While Evidence Explained is a wonderful reference book with two excellent introductory chapters, Mastering Genealogical Documentation completely breaks down citations to their most basic elements In the process, you really are able to reali...

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