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Maggie (Tales Behind the Veils, #3.5) I Ve Fallen In Love Twice In My Life The First Time, I Was Nineteen Na Ve Passionate Willing To Believe Fairy Tales Existed The Choices I Made For Love Back Then Ruined My Ballet Career, Destroyed My Dreams, And Left My Heart Shattered I Survived By Closing Myself Off To Any Possibility Of Repeating The Same Mistakes This Time, I M Forty Nine Older Wiser Unwilling To Give Up My Independence And Risk Losing Myself Again But This City Girl Has Never Danced With A Cowboy Before, And His Rugged Good Looks And Gentle Charm Are Threatening To Tumble The Walls I Ve Built Around My Fragile Heart The Past Has A Way Of Coming Back Around, Though, And Sometimes We Can T Escape The Mistakes We Ve Made This Standalone Novel In The Tales Behind The Veils Series Is A Roller Coaster Ride Of Emotions With Parallel Love Stories That Prove Love Is A Risk No Matter What Age You Are.

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    When I started this book, I had not read anything else by Violet Howe My discovery of this author was nothing short of amazing This book was just the easy read I needed while on vacation, and I immediately was swept away by the characters and settings Violet easily performs flashbacks throughout the story, giving further insight just when it is needed to explain a part of the plot The main character, Maggie, finds herself with mixed emotions when she meets Dax and begins to fall for him The flashbacks easily explain Maggie s struggles from her ...

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    Loved this addition to the Tales Behind the Veils world Maggie is an engaging, well rounded character and after the first chapter, you need to know how this love story ends for her Filled with flashbacks, humor, a sexy love interest, and heart warmin...

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    I really enjoyed this book especially how the main character s past was woven in with her present There were also a few times when I thought it was suspenseful even though it isn t a mystery I liked how Violet made Maggie a complex character She wasn t one dimensional.I recommend this bo...

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    This is a very realistic story about having a second chance at love for both characters This was my first book of the series, but now I can t wait to read about Cabe and Tyler This definitely stands on its own.This is probably one of the most real books I ve read in a long time The nuances of life in central Florida were a joy to read and this story definitely took its time to build and for love to grow.Maggie is understandably gun shy have patience as all will be revealed about her past with Gerry Tucker The chemistry between her and Dax is undeniable There are so many facets to these characters and the story I blushed as I considered where I needed to go and how many ways the strong cowboy could get me there There is much heartbreak in both their pasts and they both deal with that in completely opposite ways which almost tears them apart You will laugh, giggle, swoon, cry and cheer for Maggie and Dax I also loved the movie references I m a sucker for pop culture tidbits in novels ...

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    I started reading the A Tales Behind the Veils as my granddaughter was actually a wedding planner in Orlando the other 3 books were about Tyler and Cabe, the wedding planner and her son Maggie was always in the books but as the Mother of the groom In this book, her daughter Galen is gettting married Tyler and Maggie are making all the arrangements as Galen lives out of town They venture to a ranch to check out their wedding venue They are promptly greeted with a run away horse who throws the rider into a lake right in front of them in February no less Maggie and Dax are immediately attracted We know from the other books that Maggie is not interested in a man after her experience with Gerry Tucker This book tells Maggie s story of how a very young Diva falls for a very powerful man who convinces her her she needs to rest with a broken foot As the star of the ballet she is upset and he convinces her to just let him take control he did and the re...

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    A wonderful romance which takes the reader on an emotional ride.Maggie started out a sheltered child with incredible talent Her first taste of love was extreme.In this book we are meeting Maggie in her mature years with grown children She has settled into her own way of life for over two decades Having given up control at a younger age, Maggie is determined to be self sufficient even at the cost of giving love another chance She had been burned severely before Her story unfolds gracefully at a comfortable pace with relevant flashbacks thrown in for the reader to full understand Dax is every older heroine s dream man A combination of rugged and refined....

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    This book just kept me enthralled It s the story of Maggie, Cabe s mother She s not been in a real relationship since she went through hell with Cabe and Galen s father 20 years ago Then one day she and Tyler are looking at an event space for Galen s wedding and she meets Dax Dax pursues Maggie even though he s still heartbroken about the loss of his wife and unborn child It was such a great read, this has to be one of my top favorite books It s nice to read love stories about older people even though late 40 s is my age so I don t consider it older so...

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    Second chance romances are one of my favs, and Maggie does not disappoint I m struggling writing a review because everything I say is like a huge spoiler So I m just going with my gut and saying READ THE DAMN BOOK I LOVED IT

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    A moving romance tale of second time round love, moving on from one s past and fabulous chemistry.

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    Love the storyRead all four books loved them all good there is another one about Maggie and Dax getting married or something

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