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Spider-Man/Deadpool, Vol. 4: Serious BusinessThe Adventures Of Your Favorite Duo In Comic Books Continue, And This Time Spider Man And Deadpool Have Decided NOT TO BE FUNNY ANYMORE What Could Have Possibly Driven Our Two Heroes To Take The Funny Outta Their Own Funny Book And Just What The Heck Has SLAPSTICK Got To Do With It When The Villainous ARCADE Decides To Build A Second, Even Deadlier Murderworld In Madripoor, He Kidnaps Spider Man And Forces Him To Be The Park S First Guest COLLECTING SPIDER MAN DEADPOOL 19 22

[EPUB] ✻ Spider-Man/Deadpool, Vol. 4: Serious Business By Joshua Corin – Loanexpress.us
  • Paperback
  • 112 pages
  • Spider-Man/Deadpool, Vol. 4: Serious Business
  • Joshua Corin
  • English
  • 15 October 2017
  • 9781302908065

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    3.5 starsHuzzah Just when I thought the series was really about to crash and burn it rebounds nicely with Vol 4 Serious Business While the opener No Laughing Matter was just okay it was the second half of the book, featuring Arcade and his new Murderworld, which was the real draw Spider Man is tasked with guiding three unlikeable, ungrateful people through t...

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    Two fill in teams come in and give us a couple of pretty good 2 part stories First up is a team up with Slapstick which is a perfect fit for this book Robson s art is a cross between Ed McGuiness and Terry Dodson It s quite g...

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    Since Joe Kelly and Ed McGuinness have moved on, Spider Man Deadpool is in that weird little flux period between solid creative teams, so these four issues are split between four creators in two two issue stories instead And they re pretty good, to be honest.The first two issues by Joshua Corin and Will Robson have Spideypool and Slapstick teaming up to stop a drug lord and a property baron while swearing off jokes although this plot point doesn t last much past the amusing One More Day parody cover These issues show a good understanding of Spidey and Wade as characters, and there s just enough Slapstick for him to not get grating, although the repeated dingus joke gets old very fast Robson s art is like a cross between McGuinness and Mike McKone always a good thing, and he gets physical humour very well.The second two issues are by Elliott Kalan and Todd Nauck, and these are the better of the two stories as Spidey and Deadpool find their way into Murderworld The side characters in these issues are such giant caricatures of the way the world is now, it hurts, and Kalan s script for both Spidey and Deadpool hits all the right notes There s an especially heartfelt part for D...

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    MUCH BETTER, thank you I would not have even given this a second glance if it weren t for Goodreads The brilliant comic book Goodreads readers that I follow said this was better than the last, which is the only reason I gave this a shot after the shit storm that was Vol 3 it shall not be named.I didn t love the Madripoor Murderworld storyline and I didn t love the art , which is why this vol gets 3 3.5 stars on the whole The Murderworld storyline only gets points for the hilarious ending where Spidey and Deadpool drop off Arcade at Cyclops s doorstep and there are a few hilarious lines, cause, you know, time travel Mostly, I was all about the first half of the volume No Laughing Matter The issues were fun, the art was my style, and the quips were funny and made me smile Issue 19 starts off with Spider Man being max Spider Man and trying to be super serious about his responsibility as a hero His heroing has hurt people, a...

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    3,5 5

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    a nice rebound from the horrid 3rd volume, but still not up to the earlier standards of the series.

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    What could I say about this volume Bring back Joe Kelly That s all Sorry.

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    3 1 2 Stars So did you have any idea that Spider Man Deadpool was still running Because I didn t I honestly thought the third volume said it was the last for now Apparently that for now was a pretty quick span of time, because I got behind in the series faster than I realize On the bright side I love this team up, so I m happy to have of them The downside is that Joe Kelly Deadpool, Daredevil, Uncanny X Men, Action Comics, Spider Man and Ed McGuinness Superman, Deadpool, Hulk, Nova aren t on the project any, which is such a loss for this pairing Spider Man and Deadpool both have the propensity for humor and banter, but their temperaments and ways of dealing with enemies are polar opposites It s what makes them such a funny team up I personally believe that the team up brings out the best in both of the characters Around Deadpool Spider Man is able to let loose a bit his tragic backstory becomes a fact of his past then a ruling reason for his present On the flip side Spider Man makes Deadpool want to be a better hero Around him Deadpool is less likely to inflict w...

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    Una historia en dos partes el misterio de la muerte de Ferraro Colon y el secuestro en Madripoor Ambas se presentan como una muestra humor stica de ambos personajes.Se nota que estas dos historietas son una transici n hacia algo m s grande, pero aun as est divertido ver a los dos personajes interactuar Spiderman y Deadpool tratan de abandonar su t pico humor, pero les es imposible, sobre todo cuando se juntan Pensaba que despu s de Itsy Bitsy, Peter le mostrar a un poco de cari o a Deadpool porque le tiene cari o , pero creo que su c digo moral le dice que Deadpool realmente no es la mejor persona y no deber a preocuparse por l O a lo mejor ...

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    The character dynamics between these two always make for some entertaining stories.The greatest problem I m finding with this series is the lack of commitment to any one storyline There have been a couple long form plots, intermixed with episodic adventures And with each volume, the story focus and tone seem to shift While each volume on its own has proven entertaining, the series as a whole suffers from the unpredictability.There are two story arcs here, unconnected from each other For me, the first was enjoyable However, both offer their share of laughs and adventure in a fashion to be expected from a Spider Man Deadpool team up.As entertaining as volume 4 proved to be, there really isn t enough here to make it stand out after the last page So, it s ul...

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