Free ↠ Living With the Fall By Hannah (the fall) Thompson –

Living With the Fall In A Dystopian Future Ravaged By A Zombie Virus, Teenaged Flo Dreams Of Becoming A Hunter Instead, He Becomes Infected, And While Plagued By Hunger, He Is Able To Control His Urges Hoping His Life Can Still Hold Some Meaning, Flo Agrees To Travel With Hunters Hulme And Dihr, And He Discovers A World Unlike Anything He Imagined.On The Continent, People Are Struggling To Hold Back The Apocalypse By Finding A Cure To The Disease, And Flo Might Be The Key But Friendships And Trust Are Tested As The Trio Crosses Hostile Territory And Faces Dangers Beyond The Zombie Infestation In The End, Only Flo Can Decide If He Can Live With What He S Become.

Free ↠ Living With the Fall  By Hannah (the fall) Thompson –
  • ebook
  • 254 pages
  • Living With the Fall
  • Hannah (the fall) Thompson
  • English
  • 02 January 2019
  • 9781634761451

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    Source I received a digital copy of this book for free on a read to review basis Thanks to Harmony Ink Press and NetGalley Unfortunately, I didn t like this book at all I didn t feel anything for the main character, I didn t care what would happen, and the fact that it just ended, without anythin...

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    Palate cleanser Occasionally I crave a neutralizer something to remove any lingering flavors and give me a fresh start It s true that frame of mind can transfer from one book to another I read primarily romance and every once in awhile I need a reset button release This was a great book to do exactly that.So, let s be clear from the get go this is NOT a romance It s not even close It s classified as gay, but I m not certain that is a fair categorization because any notion of sexuality is merely a blip on the radar.What it IS is a great paranormal adventure It s also YA or New Adult It scores fairly high on the gore a meter, but it s about zombies so I expected that It s always a gamble with a new author and I was impressed with Thompson s ability to weave a complicated world and despite the heavy world building I think it was quite nicely balanced It was slow reading for me felt substantially longer than the 250 pages , however it was entertaining.Flo lives in a world decades after The Before time period He is nearly eighteen but he has lived a hard life In general, life is harder for those that survived the apocalypse Born into a family of farmers, he has perfected the skills of a good shepherd boy He alternates the chore of herding the flock with his brother Besides his mum and brother he has his beloved dogs The best two friends he could ever ask for Before the passing of his father,...

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    I just want to be upfront, I was incredibly impressed with Living with the Fall This was one of those Netgalley requests that you have very high hopes for, and I m happy to report that I wasn t let down at all The cover stopped me in my tracks, the description made me request it and I am so very glad I did.There was so much to love about this dystopian post apocalyptic zombie story that features LGBT characters To start, the world building was fascinating I ve read quite a few post apocalyptic zombie stories I m a fan of The Walking Dead They all have slightly different takes on the virus that turns man into the living dead However, I do believe that this is the first book I ve read that made them actual Predators They re not herd zombies They re PACK Zombies Big difference.I also loved that Flo started out as a Shepard Growing up he was fascinated with the Hunters, so he taught himself to fight and to get really darn good at it, but his daily routine was to mind the sheep with his two dogs Pre infection Flo was sweet and intelligent He was a good character for readers to follow when the infection took hold The concept that there was something inside Flo that held the virus at bay No matter how close he came, Flo was able to keep...

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    I received a copy from Netgalley, In exchange for an honest review Actual rating 2.5I didn t love the characters in this, but they were alright.This started out okay, but after a while I got bored unfortunately After that point, nothing could fully...

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    Living With the Fall was surprisingly intense, super gory and, for the most part, very enjoyable and kind of refreshing The story begins with seventeen year old Flo taking over his two week summer shift of taking care of his family s herd of sheep A few days in this lonely, monotonous task, Flo is already bored to his bones, so when he hears the sounds of a bell being rung, he doesn t hesitate Flo goes investigating the ruins of a nearby village, well aware of probably encountering zombies Flo is rather excited to find a pack of zombies locked into the bell tower, ready to fight What he doesn t see coming is being stabbed by the zombie hunter, Hulme, and all the horror that follows that day Flo is the main and only voice and a truly lovable guy I found it easy to get lost in his mind and enjoyed seeing the world through his eyes His struggles, fighting to stay human, finding a way to deal with who he was becoming I cared I hurt for him In the end, I was also a little frustrated with him.At first, I really liked Hulme He s m...

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    I received an ARC from the publisher via NetGalley in exchange for an honest review I adore a good zombie book, and I think people don t give them enough credit Living With The Fall is a great read with fully realized characters, a well developed world, and lots of clearly written action Sure, it has a lot of blood and guts, but that isn t all this book is about themes about loyalty, what it means to be human, overcoming bad choices, and self sacrifice really add a nice layer of depth Flo is the narrator, and he is an excellent guide to this adventure He grew up on a farm, so he is practical, independent, and efficient He is no stranger to accepting the loss of his dreams, but he has a real loyalty to those he considers family, down to his dogs It was intriguing to watch him fight the balance between his new instincts and his old self The secondary characters are just as well drawn, and I liked the way my perceptions of the hunters changed and developed as Flo learns about who they really were I really hope there is another book because, even though this one has a clear resolution, I would love to see what these characters do next I would highly recommend this to fans of zombie books good ones are hard to find but I think there is a real potential for readers who liked books like Blood Red Road to enjoy t...

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    Living with the Fall is a new spin on the popular dystopic zombie tale It tells the story of Flo, a boy who changes into a zombiekind of While Flo fights to maintain his humanity, he struggles to understand his relationships with the two hunters who prom...

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    I absolutely loved this book from start to finished great characters and awesome story line This is a definite must read

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    I received a copy from Netgalley, in exchange for an honest review Actual Rating 2.5 This was an okay read I just think it was not the book for me For me, the story dragged, and that made me lose interest in what was happening I thought the story had promise in the beginning, but then it just got confusing Therefore, I thought the story was pretty dull.The characters were okay I do not think I was able to make a connection with the main character t...

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    Thanks to NetGalley and the publisher for providing me with a free copy Actual Rating 5 My God. I never would have thought that I would find such a gem among the free to download section of NetGalley Now that I have, I ll be keeping a much careful eye there in future I was actually so blown away by this book that I needed several days to gather my thoughts and feelings into coherent sentences so I could write this review Living With the Fall is the best post apocalyptic YA novel I ve ever read No joke I don t even like The Walking Dead, but you don t need to in order to enjoy this book The plot and action would appeal to anyone It was so original and fresh that I ate up every detail and rabidly hunted for , MORE Zombies in the English highlands Genius, right But the good stuff doesn t stop with the idea The characters Oh, how I could rant about the characters Flo is the protagonist a kind, clever farmer boy who looks after his family s sheep with his brother and uncle Hulme the funny and talented hunter with a heart of gold underneath a...

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