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Momma Days, Mommy Days For One Little Girl, Life Is Good Living With Her Two Moms In A Big Beautiful House They Are A Family However, The Moms Begin To Fight, And They Decide That Living Apart And Getting A Divorce Is The Best Option They Love Their Little Girl Just The Same.Her Entire World Changes At First, Things Start Shifting A Little Reality Hits Hard Once Momma Moves Out Of The Family Home In Momma Days, Mommy Days This Young, Bright Girl Shares Her Feelings With Her Moms As She Struggles To Make Sense Of Her Situation And Come To Terms With Her New Life She Must Adjust To A New School, A New Apartment, And A New Living Situation At Times, She Is Confused And Sad.Momma Days, Mommy Days Captures One Little Girl S Experiences, Feelings, And Thoughts As She Navigates The New World Her Moms Separation And Subsequent Divorce Creates.

!!> Reading ➺ Momma Days, Mommy Days  ➲ Author Isabella Moreno – Loanexpress.us
  • Paperback
  • 36 pages
  • Momma Days, Mommy Days
  • Isabella Moreno
  • English
  • 01 April 2019
  • 9781496974778

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    My daughter loved this book As a child adopted from another country, she has always enjoyed reading about the many different combinations that make a family We read this book in the midst of moving and had a good laugh over the little girl s description of the difference between a house and an apartment As both an educator and a mom, I try to find a balance of window into diverse experiences and viewpoints and mirror refle...

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    What a wonderful children s book I appreciate how the young girl reveals her complicated thoughts and feelings about her moms divorce Her authenticity makes it easy for children and adults to connect I think that if I stay with one mom...

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    Momma Days, Mommy Days by Isabella Moreno is a wonderful little book about a child experiencing divorce It s told from her perspective and, through her eyes, we get a guided tour of what s she s feeling It begins with how happy she is with her two mothers and that they re a family Soon, she finds out that they don t want to be together any and she takes notice of the changes this decision makes She begins new experiences with each mother and finds that there are good things to be experienced with divorce, even though part of her family is missing.The most fantastic bit of this book is, of course, the imagery The full page pictures are semi realistic and each scene has a beautiful image attached I like that both Momma and Mommy have different roles to play in the book, like any parent would have in any family across the world The little girl s confusion at divorce is understandable within these pages the author has made the decision to keep very little details on the actual reasons, that it s simply an adult decision I think that makes a little bit relatable because there are so many reasons for a marriage to break up and simply not explaining a reason leaves it very open for interpretation I also like that the little girl is making new friends because of this experience it giv...

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    I won Momma Days, Mommy Days A Story of Love, Change and Hope from a Goodreads Giveaway I think the book does a good job of showing the mixture of feelings and confusion a child goes through during a divorce, whether of two moms, two dads or one of each I liked that throughout the book the idea they are still a family is expressed.I did have...

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    I received this book through Goodreads first reads It is ready to read, yet still informative for children adjusting to divorce, while acknowledging that non traditional family structures have problems similar to those in traditional families.

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    Disclosure I received this book for free through Goodreads Giveaways This review is impartial Momma Days, Mommy Days is the story of a young girl whose mothers are getting divorced The story follows the girl as her mothers move into separate bedrooms, and then separate homes The girl deals with the fallout from this feeling sad and confused but then starts to find new ways to cope including finding friends who also live in two homes, getting a special calendar so she knows who she is staying with, and arranging a dinner for both her moms to attend I enjoyed the theme of we are always a family and we will always love you that run through this book It is also a unique plot and would be perfect for a child going through the same situation The writing is also simple enough that many children probably 6 and up would be able to read it on their own This book doesn t hold much for the adult reader, but for children reading alone or...

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    I received this book through goodreads giveaways for an honest review.Momma Days, Mommy Days is a nice story It is told from the little girl s point of view beginning with her happy family, through the sadness and confusion of splitting, and on to the hope of the future.A good story to...

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    Won from goodreadsReally good book for kids dealing with parents divorce Helps them understand that it is not their fault and answers questions in an easy understandable manner

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