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Trial of a Feminizer When A Man In Lingerie Runs Into A Police Station And Tells A Tale Of Being Kidnapped And Feminized Against His Will By An Evil Mistress, He Sets In Motion The Most Scandalous Trial In Decades Will The Mysterious Dominatrix Escape Justice She Infuriates Her Attorney By Practically Bragging About Her Misdeeds During Cross Examination The Prosecutor Believes It S An Open And Shut Case This Courtroom Drama Erotica Features Over 9,000 Words Of Forced Feminization, Humiliation, Forced Bisexuality, Bondage, And A Powerful Woman Dominating A Weak Sissy.

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    In the criminal justice system, sexually based offenses are considered especially delicious In Judge Gibbons courtroom, the dedicated lawyers who prosecute these erotic felonies are members of an elite squad known as the Kinky Victims Unit These are their stories.Dun Dun.If this were a perfect world, then that s just the kind of Law Order spin off we d be looking to this Fall, and Trial of a Feminizer would be its debut episode Kylie Gable has done something really unique here, slipping themes of female domination and forced feminization into a largely traditional courtroom drama She takes us through 4 days of the most incredible testimony you can possibly imagine, appealing as much to our intellect as to our lust.We all know that forced feminization fantasies walk a fine line between criminal and kinky It s clear that much of what takes place is immoral, if not outright illegal, but it s a situation where the end often justifies the means No matter how unwilling a sissy may be at the start, if she comes to enjoy it, then where s the crime Did the dominant Mistress in question really take advantage of a poor boy, or did she just help him to come to terms with the sissy deep inside Kylie always spins a fun tale, but this is her best yet It s a tightly plotted story that makes the most of the courtroom setting and legal process There s some real conflict between Ava and her lawyer that reveals the Mistress is as proud as she is shrewd, and it s delightful t...

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    There aren t a lot of new or fresh approaches to forced feminization stories, but most of the best and most unusual are from Kylie Gable Rather than lean on old familiar tropes, Kylie breaks into new territory This story focuses on a lawsuit between a guy and the woman he claims forced him into dresses against his will I expect stories by others to be set in court rooms now that Kylie has made it clear how well it can work This is yet another amazing story from Kylie, that takes yet another series of strange and unexpected turns If you want a story that is interesting to read, one that works on every level, you must read this one as well as any of Kylie s books This author is highly recommended for anyone who likes their fem dom, forced feminization done as intelligently and as ruthlessly as smart, controlling, and often angry wo...

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    Another great feminisation story from Kylie, this time in a court room A submissive sissy discovers that his own predilections betray him when he tries to press charges against his Mistress I enjoyed the humour in this story, especially in the inflexible nature of the Mistress.

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    An interesting and enjoyable courtroom drama

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