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Alice's Adventures Under GroundLimited To 3,750, Hand Numbered On Special Limitation PageBound In Full Goatskin Leather, Gold Blocked On The Front CoverGilded Page EdgesPresented In A Box Blocked In Gold And Inset With A Reproduction Of A Photograph Of Alice Liddell Taken By Lewis CarollBook Size 7 X 5 , 96 PagesBox Size 10 X 7

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    This book is a half baked, unfinished, not intended for publishing version of a now existing book, and guess what It s still fantastic.Your fave could, simply put, never.Alice s Adventures Under Ground is mainly impressive for what it had been a story Charles Dodgson made up on the spot while rowing a boat, in an unparalleled feat of multitasking and what it will become.What it will become, obviously, is not only Alice s Adventures in Wonderland inarguably one of the greatest children s classics of all time, and that s not even just me playing favorites but DOUBLE THE LENGTH.Dodgson never intended to publish this book He just told Alice Liddell a story, Alice was like hey that was an especially good story, can you write it out for me Dodgson is like ya sure give me a few months, I ll do 37 pen drawings, andhere you go here s a manuscript merry Christmas even though it s November.Smash cut to the Liddells use that sh t as a coffee table book because who wouldn t, all their guests read it because who wouldn t, and everybody tells Dodgson to publish it because who wouldn t But at first he didn t intend to And then once he gave in, he justdoubled the length.HOW DOES YOUR MIND WORK LIKE THAT This has less nonsense and wonder and whimsy and complicated quasi logic in it than the book we all know, but that real...

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    This is the real Alice as photographed by Lewis Carroll back in the 1860s I suspect Humbert Humbert would approveUnsubstantiated rumors aside, this is a wonderful replica of the original book that Carroll hand wrote and illustrated himself as a gift for the young Alice You can see the original manuscript at the British Library which has been a highlight of all my trips to London Hopefully they ve cleaned up the drool I left on the glass case when I was last there ogling it.This book is only about half the length of the eventually published version that is beloved by so many but it s clear already why everyone encouraged him to go ahead and get it out there for the general public Most of what is here is in the final version with only a few minor changes and several significant additional adventures added The Mad Hatter, the Duchess and the Cheshire Cat are notably absent from this early version but the general framework of the story is firmly...

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    Alice in wonderland is one of my favourite stories I loved it as a child, and I still love it now In fact, I think I appreciate it even as an adult.This book is an anniversary edition of the original manuscript It is a great deal simpler than the version everybody knows It is missing some rather significant scenes, such as The mad hatters tea party, and meeting the Cheshire cat Th...

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    Exact reproduction of the book given to Alice by Lewis Carroll What we have here is an early version of Alice in the Wonderland with illustrations by the author A very beautiful book by a unique genius There is always the question of what Carroll s desires lie with respect to young Ali...

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    Super strange, defiantly not something that i personally see as anything necessary at all, but i do see why some people might love this story, and i do see the potential for it as a beautiful illustrated picture book I am sure that adds another layer to it that makes the story that much enjoyable.

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    This particular book is one of my favorite possessions Alice in Wonderland was my favorite story growing up This book has photos of the real Alice, the little girl for whom Carroll wrote his stories It is also a reproduction of his original...

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    The original, shorter version of Alice in Wonderland that Lewis Carroll wrote for his friends, before expanding it for publication.

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    The original manuscript of Alice is pretty much Alice minus almost all the things I love about Alice The Cheshire Cat doesn t figure in the letters Neither do the Mad Hatter, the March Hare, the Duchess or the Dormouse Babies don t turn into pigs, the cook doesn t set everyone sneezing and one of my favorite lines We re all mad here doesn t exist in this universe But it isn t all bad The Mock Turtle might not talk about Drawling or Fainting in coils but he does sing Soop of the e evening Beautiful Soup The trial might not include the delightful antics of the King Start at the beginning, go on till the end and then stop or the jurors or the suppression of guinea pigs but the book did have the mouse singing a different song a delightful one, in my opinion and beautiful illustrations for Old Father William.Not to mention that i...

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    This wasn t as good as I wanted it to be This is basically the ur text of Alice Adventures in Wonderland and boy am I happy that Carroll revised it because all the good rhymes and funny puns are not in the ur text.Don t get me wrong I think for a first draft this is actually terrific work because the idea behind the story is quite clever and sooo original and it...

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    I never read the other adventures of Alice Nice children s book and a good read Recommended

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