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Before Sunrise Jeremiah Cortez Thought He D Left The Past Behind Him Especially The Part Of His Past Concerning Phoebe Keller Once She Had Stirred His World Weary Soul Now, Years Later, Seeing The Blond Beauty Again Sparks Dormant Desires But He Has To Push His Emotions Aside He Has New Ties That Can T Be Broken.Phoebe Thought Her Feelings For Cortez Were Buried As Deep As The Artifacts She Studies In Her Museum An Expert In Native American Culture, She Has Her Doubts When An Anthropologist Claims To Have Discovered A Neanderthal Skeleton On A Nearby Reservation But Before Phoebe Can Pursue The Matter, The Professor In Question Turns Up Dead And The FBI Sends Cortez To Investigate.Now, As The Two Delve Further Into The Murder, They Find Themselves Entangled In A World Of Conspiracy, Deceptionand A Love Powerful Than Anything They Ve Ever Known.

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    Cheesy plot 20 something virgin heroine 15 year age difference Eye rolling dialog TSTL slightly heroine Typical Diana Palmer cheesy goodness

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    Phoebe and Jeremiah Jeremiah Cortez is better than the usual alpha hole heroes Sexy native american hotty fbi prosecutor who is 13 years older than Phoebe Three years ago she thought they were in love, until he sent her a newspaper clipping of his de facto marriage to another woman No letter No explanation Phoebe is devastated and retreats to a small town job as a museum curator Then Cortez shows up as the FBI agent sent to solve the crime of a murdered anthropologist With him, he brings a toddler from his marriage and answers. Will the answers be enough for Phoebe Will she be safe from the murderer view spoiler His brother died and he ...

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    I keep telling myself I m not going to try any Diana Palmers but the local library is limited and I occassionally take them home This was better than the others I ve tried At least he loved her the whole way through and knew it and wasn t an ass to her the entire time like is usual in Palmer s books.The book was published in 2004 so I m not sure why it was set in 1994 and 1997 I liked the thing that kept them apart for the first 3 years When they met again they got it out and explained pretty quickly but then kept regressing and having problems mistrusting each other s feelings which seemed odd since they seemed to be so open with each other about the said feelings The biggest weirdness was that this story took place over 1 to 2 weeks and the characters reacted and had conversations as if months were passing.The suspense part was not real strong If not for that driving the plot to happen so fast maybe the previous conversat...

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    Another Diana Palmer book that is not set in Jacobsville This one is a murder, mystery, romance and pretty dang good too This story is set in North Carolina near the Cherokee reservation there.Phoebe has been in love with Cortez since she met him in Charleston Cortez has the same feelings for her but he is afraid Needless to say circumstances happen that lead them to be apart from one another If I tell it gives away a major part of the story Phoebe now is the curator of a museum just outside the Indian reservation One day she gets a phone call from a mysterious man saying that he is an anthropologist and they have found remains at a construction site that maybe Neanderthal in origin The next day the man is found dead...

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    Omgozzz So many feels.I really really enjoyed this super sweet love story between curator archeologist Phoebe and Native Indian cop Cortez.Sweet virgin, sacrificial hero, mild angst and years later HEA.What I really liked was the hero remained celibate and didn t ch...

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    2.5 starsStill enjoy Diana Palmer but she certainly has some stinkers This one wasn t that bad, but it wasn t great, or even really good Maybe ok Blonde chick and hot Native American with just a smidgen of Spanish in order to allow him to be called Cortez are madly in love after two kisses and a snuggle He off and dumps her for the most stupid reason Di should ve thought that one out and heroine goes nuts, whacking off her hair and moving to the boonies, never to touch a man again Out of every investigator in the US, our hero gets sent to her little ol small town to investigate a murder on an Indian reservation totally plausible, eh And don t get me started on the H s shaman father and voila , they are all hot for each other again Our author definitely didn t invest much thought either into the whole murder mystery I guess she figured we d be too enthralled with the hot romance to care feh If you have nothin...

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    Just wow I loved it Well written I loved the characters, the storyline, everything I was so impressed As expected.Three years ago Phoebe Keller fell deeply in love with Jeremiah Cortez And she thought the feeling was mutual But he broke her heart when she received a newspaper clipping about his wedding to another woman No words No explanation Then circumstances involving murders o...

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    Sexy, passionate and heartwarming I adored this book I can t believe DP wrote such sensual sex scenes Sizzling hot

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    Overall this was a really good book The only thing that this author does that puts me off slightly is her multiorgasmic men Which in itself isn t a bad thing but if all her books contain multiorgasmic men it gets old Now the plot in this book was great There was dager, s...

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    One of Diana s best Again, a tough heroine which man the insane alpha hero human.

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