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INSPIRE BEFORE YOU EXPIRE The Flower That Blooms In Adversity Is The Rarest And Most Beautiful Of All Walt Disney Company It Really Doesn T Matter Much About Your Past As Much As It Matters About Your Future Most Are The Times We Delight In The Beauty Of The Butterfly, But Rarely Admit The Changes It Has Gone Through To Achieve That Beauty The Author Has Written This Book With You In Mind It Lays In Your Hands To Get Your Hopes Up And Help You Raise Your Expectations For Your Best Days Are In Front Of You You Have To Seize The Moment And Aspire To Inspire Now, Before You Expire Its Either Now Or Never The Author Desires Though This Book That You Raise Above Your Mediocrity And Dare To Dream Again Despite The Obstacles There Be Desire To Inspire Before You Expire This Amazing Book Has Been Dedicated To Pastor Joel Osteen Your Net Worth To The World Is Usually Determined By What Remains After Your Bad Habits Are Subtracted From Your Good Ones Benjamin Franklin Our Daily Decisions And Habits Have A Huge Impact Upon Both Our Levels Of Happiness And Success Shawn Achor Most People Don T Have That Willingness To Break Bad Habits They Have A Lot Of Excuses And They Talk Like Victims Carlos Santana It Is Easier To Prevent Bad Habits Than To Break Them Benjamin Franklin Difficult Times Disrupt Your Conventional Ways Of Thinking And Push You To Forge Better Habits Of Thought, Performance And Being Robin S Sharma

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