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The SeeingThe Second World War Is Over In The Quiet Town Of Norton When Wild, Dangerous, Break All The Rules Natalie Arrives, Thirteen Year Old Lizzie Is Drawn Irresistibly To The New Girl From The Wrong Side Of The Tracks Desperate For Natalie S Friendship And Respect, Lizzie Soon Discovers A Side Of The Town And Of Herself That She Had Never Imagined.As The Girls Grow Closer, Natalie And Her Strange, Eerie Brother, Philip, Reveal A Shocking Secret For Philip Has A Second Sight, And All Around Them He Sees Evil Left Over Nazis Lying In Wait Until The Time Is Right For Revenge Natalie And Philip Believe It S Up To Them To Root These People Out Of Norton.Lizzie Is Swept Up In What Starts As A Thrilling Game But The Consequences Of Philip S Gift Quickly Spiral Into Disaster.A Chilling, Powerful Tale From Whitbread Award Winner Diana Hendry.

➲ The Seeing Read ➺ Author Diana Hendry – Loanexpress.us
  • Paperback
  • 176 pages
  • The Seeing
  • Diana Hendry
  • English
  • 04 June 2019
  • 9780552565691

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    Was the horror of the concentration camps in the very air they breathed It s as if the memory of war has wounded them Hurt their hearts, their minds Their spirits Short and far from sweet, The Seeing is a sparse, terse tail of how the war has damaged the minds of three children, though two were only babies when it ended and one born years later Set in a small seaside town in 1956 World War 2 has been over for eleven years but its legacy lingers in returning soldiers fathers and brothers and boyfriends, and the bomb sites and bombed out buildings found in every town even decades after the war ended Air raid shelters are still around, ideal dens for kids to play in and the legacy, the memory of the war is everywhere in comics, at the cinema, in the stories told by parents and older siblings, in the tales told of fathers who did not return.The war has painted a peculiarly intense mural in Natalie s head Her father died at Colditz she says but did he It seems rather romantic it feels like something made up I suspect Natalie s father had used the war to do a runner from his harridan wife Natalie s mother is a prostitute another legacy of the war, perhaps Natalie s home life is squalid, there is never any food or comfort there Natalie hates the uncles wh...

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    This book is short one, but it doesn t feels so and in a very good way The story is perfectly written nothing is missing and nothing unnecessary is added In less than 200 pages Hendry tells a gripping, realistic and tragic story of friendship and siblings, ruined fam...

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    This review was originally published at Fluttering ButterfliesWow The Seeing by Diana Hendry is a very disturbing book to read It isn t a very long book, but it also isn t a quick book to zip through either It s one of those books where that feeling of unease and a bit of dread kind of creeps up on you without you ever realising it I love books like that, and I really enjoying reading The Seeing.I m not generally a fan of books set in historical time periods The Seeing is a story about three children post World War II and I can t say that I ve read much, if anything, about this time period But I found myself really interested as soon as I began reading, to see how much the war had played a part in these children s lives I d never considered that before and I do love when books make me think in ways that I hadn t previously.Before I say very much about the story, can I just say that I really loved the format of this book It s told in three points of view A narrative voice from Lizzie, a young girl, who is feeling a bit lonely and wants a bit of excitement in her life, which she gets when she befriends Natalie one summer There is also diary entries from Natalie, which show of her emotional baggage and issues than we realise from Lizzie s perspective And finally, there ...

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    I was so disappointed by this book The blurb sounded fascinating, but the premise of Philip seeing left over Nazi s seemed quite pointless as I read the book His gift seems to be nothing than a strange little boy having strange dreams and his incredibly damaged sister, Natalie, manipulating him, and then Lizzie, into believing that they are ridding the world of these evil people who have been left over from the war The novel just doesn t seem to fit together right For most of the novel Natalie comes across as a crazy little brat, then suddenly BOOM the ending becomes very deep and retrospective, with Lizzie realising that Philip s seeing was of a metaphor for seeing the world around you and the problems that people could face, including how damaged Natalie was, rather than just Lizzie s assumption of her being wild and fun The character of Natalie really disappointed m...

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    This story about the friendship of two girls desperate for something away from their small town life, was definitely better than its reviews imply I loved the way the scenery and characters were described, too.

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    It was like Long Lankin all over again, seriously Those Random House girls really know how to build excitement about a book Two RHCB blogger brunches ago I first heard about The Seeing I knew I would love it from the moment I first heard about the story I m a massive fan of anything creepy and I love stories that can get inside my head and stay in my memory long after I ve finished reading After pretty much an entire year of waiting to finally get my hands on this book a review copy arrived and I read it there and then, the day it clattered through my letter box Honestly, I was blown again It absolutely made me stop in my tracks and pay attention to it and I really can t recommend this one enough.Hendry has such a way with words and she managed to truly creep me out throughout The Seeing s relatively short page count of 170 It s easy to read this one in a single sitting and the story is so much darker than I initially thought it was going to be particularly that ending, wow I love that the reader goes on the journey right alongside Lizzie When Lizzie is seduce by Natalie s rebellious personality, so are we When Lizzie begins to realise something about Natalie and Philip is a little bitoff, so do we When Lizzie finally realises, with horror, exactly what is going on, so do we I loved that I was on the edge of my seat from beginning to end and with every chapter we learn something new The pacing is perfect here as well, with highly dramatic moments broken up ...

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    Excellent book Describes the moments perfectly and gives you a thrilling very emotional end The war , friendship and betrayal leaves you with a broken heart Beautiful story which leaves you with a little bit of truth about the world Love this 5 stars

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    Look, it s Harry Potter

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    For such a short book, it totally got me in a book slump I hated Natalie Using fears so that Lizzie and Philip will stick with her Treating everyone so badly what she did to Hugo and poor Philip if I were Lizzie, I would totally punch and scream at her to just stop ...

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    Short book Enjoyable.

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