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The Good Sinner Ellie Hall Is Completely Alone In The World Having Recently Lost Her Grandparents, She Throws Caution To The Wind, Venturing A Move To A New State And Completely Foreign Way Of Life Defense Attorney, Royce Morgan Is Living The Good Life Success Money Women The Last Thing He Wants To Deal With Is A Pure Heart, Country Bumpkin For An Assistant However, With A New High Profile Capital Murder Case Thrust Upon Him, He Hires Ellie Despite His Reservations In The Ensuing Days And Weeks, The Tension Created From Their Clashing Personalities Ignites, But Quickly Pales In Light Of The Tangible Evil, Danger, And Web Of Deceit That Swiftly Entangles Them As The Two Work Together For Justice, They Are Shaken To The Very Core Of Their Beings Where, They Discover, Both Virtue And Vice Are At War A Plot Twisting Page Turner Of Suspense, Mystery, And Redemption, The Good Sinner, Will Invoke Passionate Emotions And Leave The Reader To Ponder Long After The Last Word Is Devoured.

☉ The Good Sinner  PDF / Epub ❤ Author Elizabeth Schmeidler – Loanexpress.us
  • Paperback
  • 390 pages
  • The Good Sinner
  • Elizabeth Schmeidler
  • 24 January 2019
  • 9781482031911

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    4.5 Stars I actually learned a lot.The Good Sinner is a delightful indie find solid romantic thriller storytelling from a positive, life affirming point of view May as well tell you up front, this is a lovingly pro life bit of fiction and there is the occasional info dump in characters dialogue, but by no means are we talking an Ayn Rand ian level just a little every here and there And it somehow works, mainly because it explains characters motivations and emotional states Ordinarily, it would have turned me off but not only was it relevant to character development, I actually learned a few things I live in the northeast and personally believe most abortions are unnecessary and that they cause harm to the almost parents, but this is a view I am not used to seeing reflected in the culture around me However, I had no idea how distorted the public perception of the pro life movement is or the pro choice movement, for that matter For instance, I knew there was a March for Life every year in DC but I figured it was a few thousand ultra religious zealots In The Good Sinner, the characters say it s hundreds of thousands, and t...

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    Wonderful suspense novel with a powerful pro life message.

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    I spent two nights short on sleep because I couldn t put this book down The author s development of the characters and their personal struggles and aspirations made them come to life for me as I delved deeper into the story It is a classic boy meets girl and the sparks fly novel, but the underlying message reaches deep into the human heart and condition Ellie and Royce will stay with me for a long time The central theme of the book that the violence of abortion underlies all kinds of problems in society, from callousness toward human life to the brokenness of men and women who have participated in abortion or had their lives touched by it brings to light the truth that violence against the innocent and defenseless, whatever form it takes, leads to ever violence and leaves people deeply scarred For all of that the seriousness of the subject matter and the tragic reality of it, t...

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    Wow what an amazing book Elizabeth Schmeidler has done it again The Good Sinner has everything you d want drama, romance and mystery The book hits home on relevant issues in today s society and how we all need to do our part to make the world a better place The author did a fantastic job showing that not all sinners ar...

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    The Good Sinner, is Elizabeth Schmeidler at her best I admire the author s guts as she untangles and exposes the truth behind common societal misconceptions and outright deceit After finishing the fast...

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