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Extramarital Twenty Eight Year Old, Mimi Royce Is Determined To Pursue Her Dream Of Becoming A Full Time Journalist She S Given Up Her Career In Business And Taken An Internship At An Upscale Lifestyle Magazine She Befriends, Ann Who Openly And Satisfyingly Discusses An Ongoing Extramarital Affair Mimi Is Convinced The Story Is Perfect For The Magazine When Ann Disappears Mimi Is Drawn Into Ann S Disappearance Leading Her Into Something Much Darker And Profoundly Dangerous Than She Could Have Possibly Imagined.Fans Of 50 Shades Of Grey Will Love This Intriguing, Sexy Thriller.a Fast Paced, Sexy, Intelligent Thriller Wear Magazine Extramarital Is An Erotic Thriller With The Emphasis On Thriller Mark Deming, Rovi On The Movie, Based On The Book, Via The New York Times

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    To be fair, part of my dislike for this book is probably because its content goes strongly against my morals I m no prude, but I just can t enjoy a story about rampant, guiltless cheating However, I really think this book just tried too hard to be something it ultimately couldn t pull off It s supposed to be a sexual thriller, and I ll admit I was pulled in just enough that I suffered through the entire book rather than putting it down mid way, but at the end of it all, I hated myself for sticking with it The author resorted to what turned out to be some pretty cheap tricks one character narrating in first person in some chapters, 3rd person in others, for just one example, as a way of preventing the reader from putting it all together before the big reveal to try to build the mystery Three plotlines that I can think of off the top of my head were just left hanging out there with no expla...

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