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Thats Creepy In A World Where Werewolves Rule And Vampires Are Just The Boy Or Girl Next Door, Kids Love Anything That Will Scare The Pants Off Them But How Do You Separate Fact From Fiction Do Haunted Houses, Spooky Ghosts, And UFOs Have A Place In History, Or Is It All Just A Bunch Of Hooey Crawling With Spine Tingly Facts, Eerie Anecdotes, And Fun Information, This Book Is All About Everything Creepy, Kooky, Mysterious, And Spooky It S A Perfect Book For The Bathroom Library Or To Read By Flashlight Under The Covers Just Don T Tell Kids How Much Real Science And History They Re Actually Learning

[PDF] ✩ Thats Creepy  By Crispin Boyer – Loanexpress.us
  • Paperback
  • 176 pages
  • Thats Creepy
  • Crispin Boyer
  • English
  • 20 September 2017
  • 9781426313660

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    There are several chapters, each covering a different topic The first few cover monsters from around the world primarily in the format of brief summaries 2 pages or less of various creatures from Werewolves, Vampires, or the exotic spread with paragraphs on creatures such as the Rakshasa and the Ankou Magic witches, witches, and legendary schools Aliens from historic paintings to Roswell rumours , and the final chapter which covers a variety of topics including the Bermuda Triangle and some of the world s creepiest travel destinations.This book is okay I wasn t creeped out at all we don t really get enough info on any of the topics covered to impart a real reaction The book would probably be a lot effective for someone in the intended age group, but even then I don t know if it would be as creepy as promised It is, however a ...

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    Crisp guess it lives up to the name of the author , quick read with lots of good graphics The typeset is neat and the pages perfect for a children s educational book Content wise, I had sourced much of the info as a child from other non graphical sources...

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    This book was way too creepy for me but this is just the kind of book that kids love.scary, spine tingling and over the top spooky You are navigated through this book by two co hosts One is Special Agent Jeepers of the CIA Creepy Intelligence Agency who warns you not to read this book before bedtime in case nightmares occur He is definitely a voice of reason for the reader The other host is Ethel the E.T., who is an extraterrestrial and lives on a planet that is bright, shiny, safe and..boring It has two suns, six moons and 79.3 hours of round the clock daylight She s a believer in earth s folklore and the supernatural stories that are told here The author has included a special happy place page where the sensitive readers can go to fend off those creepy thoughts and ideas that may slink in and overtake their mind, body and very soul The book is packed ...

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    ada fakta fakta yg malah bikin ketawa.

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    i think that this book is great because it talks about the scary things that there is in the world.

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