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Carlo Dolci MASTERPIECESIN COLOUREDITED BYT LEMAN HAREIn The Same Series VELAZQUEZ S L Bensusan.REYNOLDS S L Bensusan.TURNER C Lewis Hind.ROMNEY C Lewis Hind.GREUZE Alys Eyre Macklin.BOTTICELLI Henry B Binns.ROSSETTI Lucien Pissarro.BELLINI George Hay.FRA ANGELICO James Mason.REMBRANDT Josef Israels.LEIGHTON A Lys Baldry.RAPHAEL Paul G Konody.HOLMAN HUNT Mary E Coleridge.TITIAN S L Bensusan.MILLAIS A Lys Baldry.CARLO DOLCI George Hay.GAINSBOROUGH Max Rothschild.LUINI James Mason.TINTORETTO S L Bensusan.

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    Introduction IF, in dealing with the life and work of Carlo Dolci, a writer sets down an apology by way of preface, it is in recognition of the fact that the art form of this painter, for all that it is serious and beautiful, is one of the first that we outgrow There are artists in plenty, and their names are written large in the roll of fame, whose work makes no immediate appeal to us Rembrandt, Velazquez, Tintoretto, one and all must be approached with an eye that has received some measure o Introducti...

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    PLATE VI THE MAGDALENThis picture, painted for a Roman patron, is at present to be in the Corsini Palace, Rome It has, however, not been so well preserved as some of the best work from the same hand.Gutenberg

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