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BrobyggarnaDrie Broers, Twee Oorlogen, N Eeuw De Meest Succesvolle Roman Uit Scandinavi Van De Laatste Jaren Een Monument Van Zweedse Vertelkunst.Hun Vader En Oom Waren Door De Zee Meegenomen Dergelijke Tragedies Hoorden Bij Het Ruwe Leven Aan De Noorse Westkust De Drie Broers Lauritz, Oscar En Sverre Moesten Hun Toevlucht Zoeken In De Stad.Ze Hadden Anoniem Kunnen Blijven En In De Geschiedenis Kunnen Verdwijnen Maar Het Lot Beschikte Anders Bij Toeval Trokken De Drie De Aandacht Van Een Weldoener En Kregen Ze De Kans Om In Duitsland Te Worden Opgeleid Tot Ingenieur In 1901 Studeerden Ze Af, Met Een Glanzende Carri Re In Hun Geboorteland In Het Verschiet En Toch Had Het Leven Voor Hen Heel Wat Anders In Petto Ze Verdwaalden In De Wereld.Bruggenbouwers Volgt De Drie Broers Op Hun Dwaaltocht, Van Besneeuwde Noorse Vlaktes Via Duitse Aristocratische Salons Tot De Savannes Van Oost Afrika Het Is Een Epische Roman Van Zeldzame Kwaliteit, Die Niemand Onberoerd Zal Laten Jan Guillou, De Grootste Verhalenverteller Van Zweden, Heeft Zijn Meest Ambitieuze Roman Ooit Geschreven.Jan Guillou Is Zonder Twijfel De Populairste Schrijver Van Zweden Van Zijn Boeken Werden Alleen Daar Al Meer Dan Tien Miljoen Exemplaren Verkocht, En Zijn Werk Is Vertaald In Meer Dan Twintig Talen.Bruggenbouwers Stond Al In De Eerste Week Na Verschijning Op Nummer 1 In De Zweedse Bestsellerlijst, En Bleef Daar Weken Staan Ook In Denemarken En Noorwegen Bereikte Het Boek Direct De Hoogste Posities De Rechten Zijn Aan Veertien Landen Verkocht.

[Epub] ➢ Brobyggarna ➣ Jan Guillou – Loanexpress.us
  • Hardcover
  • 592 pages
  • Brobyggarna
  • Jan Guillou
  • Dutch
  • 25 October 2017
  • 9789044620382

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    Nisam ba dobra u pisanju recenzija pa evo ovako, ukratko.Ja sam odu evljena, kao da gledam film, slike lete pred o ima Knjiga ima oko 550 strana i mogu re i da mi je mo da desetak njih bilo naporno Ako o ekujete neku ljubavnu pri u slobodno odmah odustanite Iako se na svakom osvrtu na radnju knjige spominju tri brata, u prvom dijelu pri a prati ivote samo dvojice njih Oscar i Lauritz od 1901 do 1919 godine Nakon zavr etka kolovanja za in injere trojica bra e kre e svako na svoju stranu, Oscar razo aran u ljubav odlazi u Afriku da radi na izgradnji eljeznice, a Lauritz se vra a u Norve ku da pomogne u izgradnji eljezni ke pruge izme u Bergena i Osla U prvom dijelu knjige sve to se zna o najmla em bratu Sverre je da odlazi u London jer se tamo slobodnije gleda na njegovu seksualnu orijentacija Nakon vi eg...

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    This week I ve been reading a book by the wonderful Swedish author Jan Guillou I read a Danish translation of the Swedish original Brobyggarna Brobyggerne in Danish, meaning The Bridge Builders The book was published last year, and there is no English translation yet, but I assume there will be, as most of his books have been translated.The Bridge Builders is the first book in a new series about the 20th century, and it follows the fate of three Norwegian brothers They re from a small fishing community near Bergen, northern Norway, and they lose their dad in an accident By chance, their incredible intelligence and skill for technology is discovered, and the lodge The Good Purpose decide to give the best education within engineering in Dresden, Germany This is done with the understanding that they will return to Norway, to help build the rail road between Oslo and Bergen However, love gets in the way.This might make it sound like a romance novel, I assure you, it is not It is a novel about the hopes and the dreams at the turn of the century About technological advances used for both good and evil About war, about ideologies and the collapse of societies, which were thought to be eternal.I really enjoyed it, both learning about things I had no idea about such as the very different, but equally stren...

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    A very interesting story centered around 3 Norwegian boys and their destinies during the first 20 years of the 20th century The writing was standard, the stories were at times amazing, at times trivial I can t wait with continuing with the next book in the series immediately

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    U ovom romanu pratimo ivot dvojice bra e Lauritzen od po etka 20.st do kraja drugog svjetskog Jedan od boljih povijesnih romana koje sam pro itala.

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    My oh My This was fun and totally unexpected A Swede writing a book about one of the most difficult engineering challenges done in Norway, or Europe for that matter I am of course talking about the build of the high mountain railroad between Oslo and Bergen, Bergensbanen, completed in 1907, with tools from 1907.The technology itself is not very advanced, but to build it 1300 meters above sealevel in arctic climate is an acheivement of major proportions And since I have worked at the railway station at Finse for one year, I really can vouch for Mr Guillous way of describing a blizzard and how fast the weather changes And without giving away to much In real life 19 out of 20 people would have perished on the two engineers way back from the tunnel to the engineers cabin.And yes, I have seen the bridge with my own eyes It is a masterpiece set in an unimaginable scenery.I come from an island just outside Bergen I see this book as a documentary of my own past The story fits other stories I have heard or read It is also a story of Bergen, growing from a mere village to a real city If you find this interesting I would reccomend the four volum Hellemyrsfolket by Amalie Skram and Gunnar St lesens trilogy of Bergen 1900 Morgenr d, 1950 High Noon, 1999 Aftensang.But back to Brobyggerne This is the first v...

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    nej du Janne, detta var ganska platta karakt rer, han var stark och hon var sk n etc Dock intressant ur ett historiskt perspektiv.

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    Znovu som sa sama seba p tala, pre o som nedo tala t to knihu hne No, asi preto, e sa toho udialo ve a a pren a hrub buchlu sa d len doma Na tanie vonku uprednostn m ta ku a t to kni ku som mala len v papierovej podobe Jednoducho som nest hala a tak som ju odkladala zas a znovu.Pr beh troch bratov za na koncom 19 storo ia a kniha kon 1 svetovou vojnou Stavba elezn c v Afrike ma a tak nezaujala, ale zato na severe tam to bolo skvel P ila sa mi realita pr ce robotn kov a in inierov, ich vz ahy navz jom, po asie a cel t studen atmosf ra, rovnako aj h evnatos a vern l ska k milovanej ene, pre ktor bol pr li chudobn a n dejn svokor h...

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    This took a long time to get through because I had it on audio At least 19 hours worth of It was definitely worth it, particularly in comparison to the last two books on audio It s actually quite astonishing that I didn t roll my eyes or mutter in frustration a single time through the whole experience I did raise my eyebrow in wonder of historical details where submarines used during the first world war but other than that, this was good, solid story telling.The story is that of three poor brothers of fishermen on the Norwegian west coast and starts in the late 1800 s One day their father is lost at sea and the future seems bleak at best Through sheer serendipity they end up being educated as engineers in Dresden, Germany The deal is that all three return to Norway afterward to work on the rail road between Bergen and Oslo, Norway s two largest cities As fate turns out, only the oldes brother, Lauritz, returns We follow his perilous work at high altitudes and his quest to get to marry the love of his life, an upper class German woman One of the other brothers, Oscar, sets off to Africa after having had his heart broken He quickly builds a reputation as an excellent engineer he too works on railroads businessman and hero We follow Oscar through a multitude of ups and downs.The third brother turns out to be gay and sets of to England with his boyfriend He isn t covered in this book, but I gather he shows up in book number two.Everything Oscar and Lauritz manage t...

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    Dette er en af de bedste b ger jeg har l st Pageturner uden lige Der ligger en k mpe research bag denne historie Jeg kan ikke vente til jeg kommer i gang med bind 2 Dandy.

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